Learn About the Profit First Method & How It Can Help You business owner profit first

Tomorrow January 11, 2022 at 7am PST


Profit first  focuses on four tenets: multiple bank accounts, pay yourself first, transfer money into accounts and reap the rewards. 

  • Use multiple bank accounts (checking & savings). Most businesses have one checking account,...
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End of the Year Website Audits (2021) website audit

Today on the Clubhouse App at 8am PST 

 One of the best ways to get a good idea of how your website is perceived is through real user feedback. An audit can be very useful when making changes to your website.

Start 2022 Right!

 When website audits are conducted regularly,...

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E-commerce Conversion App In Cart Upsell & Cross-sell Joins Mastering P.o.P conversion app cross sell in cart upsell

In Cart Upsell

Joins Us Today at 7am PST on

Clubhouse App

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy products when they are already purchasing relevant products from your store. Selling candles and want to offer a wick trimmer directly on the product page? Selling sneakers and want to...

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Mastering P.o.P
Mastering P.o.P Member Scales E-Comm Store to 5-Figures Per Month
Mastering P.o.P Member Scales E-Comm Store to 5-Figures Per Month dawntheme shopify shopify 2.0 website speed

This audio is from the Clubhouse room titled 'SEO x Email Marketing x Partnerships x Paid Ads x Backlinks'. The room was held under the Shopify 101 Club on the Clubhouse App.  We talked about Search Engine Optimization, Conversion apps to install and manually set up,...

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Join Mastering Ecomm with Mastering P.o.P Facebook Group facebook facebook group


Have you joined yet? You're missing out if you haven't joined Mastering Ecomm with Mastering P.o.P Facebook group.


Once you're approved: 

  • Briefly Introduce Yourself (optional)

  • Go to Topics and select a hashtag

  • Go to More and Files

Group Admins:

  1. Tia...
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Mastering P.o.P
Upgrade to 2.0 with Shopify Dawn Theme
Upgrade to 2.0 with Shopify Dawn Theme dawn theme

Are you planning to switch from Shopify’s Debut theme to Dawn theme 2.0? If so, you’re in the right place! This Clubhouse app audio features:

  1. Tia Jones (Shopify Partner)
  2. Carol Ching (Shopify Partner/Developer/Designer)
  3. Jen Ritchie (Shopify Expert, Partner,...
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Mastering P.o.P
Get a Website Audit by Audit Master Adam Pivko
Get a Website Audit by Audit Master Adam Pivko

This audio from the Clubhouse room titled 'Get a Website Audit by Audit Master Adam Pivko'. The room was held under the Shopify 101 Club on the Clubhouse App. 

Adam Pivko audited the following e-commerce websites. 

  3. ...
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Alex Whitfield Teaches Us How to Set-Up A Remarketing Campaign alex whitfield facebook ads

If you missed Shopify 101’s Clubhouse room titled ‘Holiday Promos: What You Should Know About Facebook and Instagram Ads', you missed a lot! Our guest moderator, Hustle Over Everything podcaster, and paid ads strategist Alex Whitfield shared a lot of great...

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7-Figure E-commerce Store Manssion ecommerce manssion scaling

E-commerce entrepreneurs...this Clubhouse room is for you! Today, Oct 19, 2021 at 7am PST in Shopify 101, we'll be talking to Torii Rowe, COO of Manssion, a men's jewelry line currently exploding in the jewelry space.

The men's accessory industry is booming, and the...

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Link Building For eCommerce Websites 2021 backlinks link building press release
What differences does link building make for eCommerce businesses?
Although link building is one of the most challenging useful SEO components, it can reap the most rewards. If organic traffic matters to you, it takes a quality links from relevant websites to improve your online presence....
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Mastering P.o.P
Get Brand Awareness and Traffic to Your E-commerce Store
Get Brand Awareness and Traffic to Your E-commerce Store brand awareness partnerships stoner jesus

 Some of you can advertise here!

If your target audience is predominantly male or if you're in the CBD, Cannabis, Lingerie, Adult, Firearms, Alcohol, Dating, Electronics, Jewelry, Kratom, Supplements industries... this could work for you.  

Stoner Jesus has about 150,000+ on social...

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Your Invitation to a Scheduled AA (Ask Anything) Zoom Meeting ask anything study hall zoom

Ready to connect with me? Ask a question and I will provide an answer.

Mastering P.o.P is inviting you to a scheduled AA (Ask Anything) Zoom meeting!

Open to all of our paid members, this is your weekly opportunity to connect with me, and ask anything you like.

Starting Sunday October...

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