About Us

Mastering P.o.P is an SEO & Digital Marketing Coaching program for online business owners.

Founder and CEO, Tia Jones has been optimizing and driving traffic to websites since 2006. Co-founder Stephanie Jones has been providing digital marketing coaching alongside Tia since 2015.

What is Mastering P.o.P?

 Mastering Profitability over Popularity.

Mastering P.o.P is about being more profitable than popular. We specialize in SEO and Digital Marketing and our membership is the most affordable program for online business owners and digital entrepreneurs in the United States.

Instead of having to piece together different courses from different sources, you can get everything you need in one place, for just $37 per week. Mastering P.o.P's membership also comes with The No-Fail Mastering Ecomm Workflow Bundle. You gain access to 250+ hours of educational audio and video content, vetted marketing resources, access to digital tools, technology partners, monthly reporting, and a routine tracker that keeps you on task.

Mastering P.o.P's membership and workflow bundle was created to remove decision fatigue from online business owners and digital entrepreneurs by assigning them SEO and Digital Marketing to-do’s that will help move the needle in their business. 

The membership program is the most affordable way to get all the information and courses you need to succeed with your online business.

We have enough experience to determine which trends in Digital Marketing and SEO will have a long-term impact, and which ones won't. Our approach to Digital marketing ensures our members are successful for years to come and not for the next couple of months.

Mastering P.o.P prides itself on transparency and giving excellent coaching in a reliable, and fiscally responsible manner. We're also very selective in the members we accept because we invest our time in building relationships and success. We only work with members that value these things. We're RESULTS DRIVEN and committed to educating members while offering them the best advice.

We're here for all of those that want insight into the current condition of their website to increase their online visibility and monthly revenue. 

Lastly, Mastering P.o.P believes that a lack of streamlined business operations can negatively affect the brand and growth of the company; therefore, we have in place a digitized SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). It is easily accessible to all team members to use to complete the tasks without the presence of Mastering P.o.P's founders.

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