About Us

Mastering P.o.P is anĀ SEO &Ā Digital Marketing CoachingĀ program for online business owners.

FounderĀ and CEO, Tia Jones has been optimizing and driving traffic to websites since 2006. Co-founder Stephanie Jones has been providing digital marketingĀ coachingĀ alongside Tia since 2015.

What is Mastering P.o.P?

Ā Mastering Profitability over Popularity.

Mastering P.o.P focuses on profitability over popularity. We specialize in SEO and digital marketing, offering the most affordable program for online business owners and digital entrepreneurs in the United States.

Instead of piecing together courses from different sources, you can get everything you need in one place for just $49 per week. Mastering P.o.P's membership includes Digital Marketing and SEO courses! Youā€™ll get access to overĀ 300+ hours of educational audio and video content, vetted marketing resources, digital tools, technology partners, monthly reporting, and a Routine Tracker to keep you on task.

Mastering P.o.P's membership andĀ course bundle eliminates decision fatigue for online business owners and digital entrepreneurs by providing SEO and digital marketing tasks that drive business growth.

Mastering P.o.P is dedicated to transparency and excellent coaching, delivered in a reliable and cost-effective manner. We are selective with our members, focusing on those who value relationship building and success. We are results-driven and committed to providing the best advice and education.

Finally, Mastering P.o.P believes streamlined operations are important for brand growth. That's why we have a digitized Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) accessible to all team members,Ā making sure tasks are completed efficiently without the founders' direct involvement.

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