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What is Mastering P.o.P?

Mastering P.o.P is mastering profitability over popularity.

Don’t believe everything you see. Simply put, popularity doesn’t always mean profitability. In other words, having a large social media following doesn't mean that you're generating revenue from your followers or sending traffic to your website that convert into buyers.

Are you ever wondering why potential customers aren't finding you on Google?

Are you sick of wondering why your website is not getting any organic traffic or leads?

Do you question why your competitors are ranking for the keywords you should be ranking for?

Learn how to become a profitable entrepreneur with e-commerce while being your own webmaster. Yes, it CAN be done! Allow me to audit your digital presence and show you how to get the most results from your audit report.

Take charge of your website with answers, an action plan and a new starter website!


Tia Jones secured page 1 Google rankings for 'grand canyon vacation' grand canyon facts' 'grand canyon tours' 'grand canyon tourist attractions' and thousands of more keywords. 

Sean Nilsson | National Geographic

Tia Jones helped us understand the fundamentals of marketing and organic traffic. We had little to no experience in SEO, Social Media, and similar marketing campaigns.

Andres Ramirez | Amazon

Tia Jones was responsible from start to finish with our SSL Migration and site launch for multiple insurance brands we represent.

Mariana Smalls | Freeway Insurance

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