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What is Mastering P.o.P?

Mastering P.o.P is mastering profitability over popularity.

Don’t believe everything you see. Simply put, popularity doesn’t always mean profitability. In other words, having a large social media following doesn't mean that you're generating revenue from your followers or sending traffic to your website that convert into buyers.

Mastering P.o.P was created to provide solopreneurs and small to mid-size business entrepreneurs affordable Digital Marketing services. Our goal is to provide digital marketing tactics that create brand awareness effectively and can scale efficiently. We help entrepreneurs to Master Profitability over Popularity, by ensuring that their website has good search engine visibility and email automation is set-up correctly and running in cadence to help drive repeat purchases and increase average order value. We have enough experience to determine which trend in Digital Marketing and SEO will have a long-term impact, and which ones won't. Our approach to Digital marketing ensures our clients are successful for years to come and not for the next couple of months.

Shopify Partners

Mastering P.o.P has the expertise in SEO, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Email Marketing, Website Set-up, and Sales to help you with all aspects of your Shopify store.

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Shopify E-commerce Solution

Mastering P.o.P is a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency that is part of the Shopify community of merchants, experts, app developers and designers. As Shopify Partners we are experienced in the design, development and marketing of your new online store. We use the platform; therefore, we know how to successfully generate sales and revenue for different industries. It's a digital outlet for financial independence and multiple streams of income.

We Set up

and can migrate a business owner's current website to a Shopify e-commerce store.

We Educate

e-commerce store owners on how to grow their business and improve their ROI.

We Own

multiple e-commerce stores and have generated seven figures in revenue.

Ready for a consistent pipeline of repeat customers?

No Facebook or Instagram Ads, No Paid Google Ads, No Influencers, No SEO, No Digital Marketing Agency Required!


Advanced E-commerce

Grow your business faster and track the metrics that matter!


Advanced Digital Strategy

Specializing in growing, nurturing & monetizing audiences with online digital strategies.


Advanced Email Scaling

Strategically attack the customer journey to take people from cold to repeat customers!


Advanced Link Building

Get relevant backlinks pointing to your newly published e-commerce store!


Analytics: Track & Measure

Track first time & one time customers and convert them into repeat customers.

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4 Hour Class: Build An E-commerce Store & Sell Online

Financial security doesn't come from your bank account. It comes from the ability to create and implement strategies by using an e-commerce platform that can generate income 24/7. Learn how to start an e-commerce store today.

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Sean Nilsson
Creative Director at National Geographic Visitor Center

"Tia Jones secured page 1 Google rankings for 'grand canyon tours' 'grand canyon vacation' 'grand canyon facts' 'grand canyon tourist attractions' and thousands of more keywords. She has proven to significantly increase our organic traffic while adhering to best practices.”

E-commerce Starter Website

Purchase your Starter Website today and let this be the first step towards becoming a profitable entrepreneur.

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Business Directories

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The Business Directory list that you're seconds away from purchasing offers 100+ Women, Black, Minority, Niche-specific, and Local business directories.
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Affiliate Program

Welcome to Mastering P.o.P's Affiliate Partner Program! Earn a commission today by simply sharing our brand's online course of digital marketing strategies with your audience of followers.

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Mastering Ecomm Facebook Group

Are you ready to find success and freedom with eCommerce? This Facebook group is perfect for small, large, new, and established e-commerce store owners. We provide step-by-step guides and how to videos in our group. Get the proper guidance to becoming a top-performing e-commerce merchant. Join Mastering Ecomm with Mastering P.o.P private Facebook group today!

The No-Fail Mastering Ecomm Workflow Bundle

Our Mastering Ecomm business series will help you as an e-commerce store owner to retain your customers, increase your average order value, and increase your purchase frequency. The strategies in this series are proven to be effective. This workflow bundle is available for you today!

Taboo Traffic Club on Clubhouse App

Welcome to Taboo Traffic Club. Follow the club founders @TiaNJones, @JonesiStephanie, and @AlexMirzaian on Clubhouse. This club was created as a safe space where high-risk merchants (e.g. cannabis, CBD, Kratom, Adult Toys, Knives, etc.) can discuss actionable traffic ideas, exploding marketing strategies, and methods to drive traffic to their website.

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