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How it Works

No More Micro-Decisions.  

Mastering P.o.P is removing decision fatigue from e-commerce store owners. 

We help business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketing teams to improve their marketing efforts by providing digital marketing coaching and workflows to help their businesses compete in the age of digital marketing.

How it Works


Self-paced independent workflows loaded with knowledge, tips, and ways to scale your e-commerce store.

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Small and Medium groups or private Zoom coaching offerings to inspire and guide you every step of the way.

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Be part of an engaged group of like-minded e-commerce store owners sharing content and having conversations on demand.

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$299 Onboarding Membership Set Up Includes Keyword Research. We write your title tags & meta descriptions for up to 25 pages. 

Let us jumpstart your SEO!

Google Analytics and Search Console set-up, and website aesthetic feedback.

Also get access to Mastering P.o.P's SEO, Email Marketing, Conversion Apps, Partnership Courses. You will also gain access to Mastering P.o.P's community of e-commerce store owners, video tutorials, clubhouse audios, live zoom calls, and more!

Not Ready for a Membership? 

You can also pay $299 and receive the keyword research. We will write up to 25 Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for your web pages too! You'll also receive the SEO, Email, Conversion, and Partnership Workflows.

You will not receive access to the Community, Clubhouse audios, Zoom coaching calls, keyword, and backlink monthly reports, to-do's given by Mastering P.o.P team.

You will not be held accountable.


Monthly Membership means unlimited access to the workflows, video tutorials, community, clubhouse audios & Mastering P.o.P Team

Looking for accountability? You’ve come to the right place. Get support and be held accountable for your e-commerce store goals, and more!

Get motivated, moving, and scaling! Network and get to know other e-commerce store owners in the community.

Get ready for high-level digital marketing education from Digital Marketing and SEO Maven Tia Jones, and team! Get real education from someone who has gotten results for countless e-commerce stores.

We're not selling you information, we're selling you transformation!

Be a part of a community with other store owners doing six figures and up per month. Get your questions answered by the people that are doing it.

The Mastering P.o.P team will not just hold you accountable to work on achieving your store goals, but also get encouragement from the community to help build new and lasting habits. Watch the community achieve its goals in real-time.

Lori Z. Milton's Daughter

"Best Decision I've Made! There's way more to having a successful E-commerce store than just publishing your site. I never heard of SEO until I started to rebuild my 2nd site--I knew I was over my head until I called Mastering P.o.P. For the 1st time, I'm in control of optimizing my site--and I couldn't have done it w/o their help. This is the best investment you will make for your business!"

Zifa,  Zifa's Boutique

"I found Tia speaking in a room on the Clubhouse App in Mar 2021 and I'm so happy that I did. Tia is one of the most genuine, and honest speakers on CH. I'm happy that she chooses to share her knowledge with us every day. I feel blessed to have her work on my SEO for my store. I don't have a budget, but I knew that to rank in Google, I had to optimize my website. It's only been a month, but I see the difference and just got my 1st big order." 

Sean Nilsson, National Geographic Visitor Center

"Tia secured page 1 Google rankings for 'grand canyon tours' 'grand canyon vacation' 'grand canyon facts' 'grand canyon tourist attractions' and thousands of more keywords. She really knows her stuff! She has been with us a long time and has significantly increased our organic traffic while adhering to best practices."

Marianna Smalls, VP Marketing Freeway Insurance

"Tia was responsible from start to finish with our SSL Migration and site launch for multiple insurance brands we represent. From creative to front-end and backend, Tia Jones provided world-class Search Engine Optimization and marketing experience and talent. She is one of the best, smartest, honest, and loyal employees working here with me at Freeway Insurance."

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