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Earn recurring Income By Becoming a Mastering P.o.P Affiliate!

The Mastering P.o.P affiliate program pays 50% for every paying Member you send our way.  Mastering P.o.P will pay  out an additional 25% monthly recurring commission for every member that stays with Mastering P.o.P.

"The Mastering P.o.P affiliate program is an incredible way for current members to cover their monthly membership fee. In addition, it's perfect for non-members who believe in Mastering P.o.P and know the benefit of SEO, Email automation, and all the other marketing components taught in the program.  -- Stephanie Jones, Co-Owner  Mastering P.o.P.
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Mastering P.o.P Affiliate portal allows you to:

  • View¬†your¬†Stats.
  • Access¬†your¬†Share Links.
  • Export¬†your¬†Purchase Summary¬†Report.
  • Change their¬†Settings¬†to update¬†your¬†Profile, email preferences, and change¬†your¬†Password.
  • BONUS - Banner assets available!

View Your Stats 

Your stat cards provide insight into your performance:

  • Clicks: The total number of clicks on all Your Share Links.
  • Form Submissions: The number of opt-ins (or Forms submitted) tracked through your Affiliate Share Links.
  • Conversions: The total number of Offer purchases tracked through all of your Affiliate Share Links.
  • Conversion Rate: Overall conversions divided by overall clicks.  

Affiliates Can Export Purchase Summary Report 

This report will display your purchase summary report. The report will display the Member name, Purchased membership, and the date of their purchase.

How Do You Get Paid? 

Get paid every other month via Paypal. 

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