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Celebrating Inner Circle Member Susanna's Accomplishments

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Okay so we are bursting with excitement to share the incredible achievements of our Inner Circle member, Susanna. Let's give her a resounding round of applause as she secures a spot for her products in handpicked TJ Maxx stores. Susanna shared this remarkable update during our Sunday May 21, 2023 Zoom Call, and we couldn't be prouder. Join us in celebrating her outstanding accomplishment(s)! See the featured stores in the screenshot below where you can grab Susanna's incredible apparel! If you're in Canada or planning a visit soon, make sure to check out TJ Maxx and show your support by adding some of her fabulous items to your shopping bag.


We need to rally together and create a community of upliftment and empowerment, right?! We're all familiar with the challenges of being an online store owner and entrepreneur. Show your support by purchasing some of her inspiring t-shirts with sayings or trendy hoodies with sayings directly from her online store. Together, we can make a difference and uplift each other!



We're also happy to commend your exceptional efforts in ranking for various "t-shirt with sayings" related keyword phrases like hoodies with sayings and sweatshirts with sayings.

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That's not all! We also want to applaud your dedicated focus on Content Velocity and the use of targeted Juneteenth keywords. Content Velocity refers to the amount of content a brand publishes within a specific timeframe. You've truly excelled by publishing four Juneteenth blog articles in just one week, resulting in impressive page two rankings for multiple Juneteenth keywords. I can say confidently that you will soon be on page one for a lot of these keywords.

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Lastly, we want to say awesome job in ranking for numerous "black apparel" keywords. Again, your dedication to content velocity, internal links, and helpful content has played a significant role in securing these organic rankings.

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Susanna Anderson, keep up the phenomenal work, and know that your incredible accomplishments make your beautiful family beam with pride. You are an inspiration to them and a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. Keep pushing forward, and continue making them and Mastering P.o.P's Inner Circle family proud

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