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Watch Live Demo with Shopify App Audiens

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Watch Live Demo with Shopify App Audiens

Live call timestamps and demo video below!

If you didn't know, we teamed up on June 12, 2023 with Shopify app Audiens, to explore "Improving Email Conversion Rates for More Sales."

Our Inner Circle member, Ralph from Trendziostore, highly recommended Audiens after experiencing success with his first email campaign using the app.

Audiens works wonders by pinpointing the ideal audience, suggesting promotions, and nailing the perfect timing for each email campaign - and that's just the beginning!

During this live call, we got a peek inside Audiens, and learned about sending email campaigns, Klaviyo templates, smart sending, and so much more.

Best of all, this live Zoom call was open to everyone! 

Audiens typically offers a 14-day trial, but if you install the app and mention Mastering P.o.P, you'll score an extra 7 days for a total 21-day trial! Plus, though the app's cost will soon rise from $100 to $150, you'll be grandfathered in at $100 if you decide to keep it. The app typically works well if you have an email list of a minimum of 500. However, if you don't have this size list right now, they've agreed to keep the price at $100 for Mastering P.o.P Inner Circle members no matter when the app is installed. This is all the reason to join Mastering P.o.P's Inner Circle. Not to mention that Mastering P.o.P has partnerships with over a dozen apps and all of these apps are discounted only for Mastering P.o.P members. Remember, apps will help you to scale your Shopify store. 

We have discounts for Push Notifications, Schema, Reporting, Upsell and bundlling, AMP, Blog apps and more!

Check out the live call timestamps and video below:

1:44 - Nikki's warm welcome

2:34 - Meet Dave, Audiens CEO

5:22 - Installing Audiens: What to expect

7:43 - First glimpse of Audiens

11:22 - Launching an email campaign

12:22 - Shifting an email campaign to To-Do

13:59 - Updating your Klaviyo template

14:46 - Tia's inquiry on sending email campaigns

16:29 - Tia's question about email recipients

17:21 - Stephanie seeks clarity on email campaign suggestions

18:12 - Removing an email campaign suggestion

18:55 - Audiens' potential revenue generation

20:14 - Examining sent email campaigns

21:34 - Audiens Attribution insights

25:26 - Klaviyo's Smart Sending

27:24 - Excluding Store Products from Audiens

29:05 - Discussing customers without orders

32:03 - Tia's query on app installation

32:55 - Ralph shares his Audiens setup experience

35:15 - Carol wonders about speeding up the process

35:46 - Audiens Product Manager's insights

37:14 - Exciting future features from Audiens

41:23 - Tia delves into customer behavior

42:02 - Audiens case studies availability

44:16 - Ralph recounts his Audiens journey

46:11 - Tia's glowing praise

48:37 - Audiens app pricing details

53:09 - The power of Audiens and AI

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