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Why Does Website Speed Matter in SEO?

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Users are increasingly expecting faster page loads, and if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, they're likely to click away and choose a different search result.

Keep reading to learn how I went from a D to an A overnight! If you score below a B, use the resource that I mention below. Vetted by yours truly!

How fast should a website load?

Ideally, you'll want your website to load within three seconds, or two seconds if it's an ecommerce site. The two-to-three second mark is the turning point where bounce rates skyrocket – in fact, 40% of consumers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a site.

Is Google PageSpeed Insights Accurate?

Google PageSpeed Insights is now pretty reliable and accurate when measuring the full user experience on your site. Thanks to the different metrics included, it gives you an accurate overview of how users interact with your site. 

Is GTMetrix Accurate for Testing Site Speed

GTmetrix is one of the most popular tools for testing website performance and speed. It tests a variety of parameters, including page load time, TITLE attribute length, and presence of an XML sitemap, and generates detailed reports.

GTmetrix is particularly useful for troubleshooting slow-loading pages. However, GTmetrix has fewer test locations than some other tools, which can be a drawback if you want to test your website's performance in different geographical areas. 

Ways to Improve Webpage Speed Loading Time

  1. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTMLMinifying code means removing anything that a computer doesn't need in order to understand and carry out the code, including code comments, whitespace, and unnecessary semicolons.
  2. Reduce redirects - don't use too many redirects
  3. Leverage browser cachingDevelopers can instruct browsers to cache elements of a webpage that will not change often. Instructions for browser caching go in the headers of HTTP responses from the hosting server. 
  4. Improve server response time - the total number of assets each page needs to load should be kept to a minimum
  5. Optimize imagesOptimizing images typically involves reducing the resolution, compressing the files, and reducing their dimensions

From D to A on

What did I do to get my page speed score from D to A?

1. Updated Dawn 2.0 theme to the latest version 6.0.2

2. Removed apps that I wasn't using

 3. Found speed_expert22 on Fiverr to Improve my site speed score

Speed_expert22 suggests the following to improve site speed score (screenshot below) 



Shopify Speed Score 

Did I mention that my Shopify speed score went from 18 to 45?


Does Website Speed Affect SEO?

Yes! As a direct ranking factor, the speed of your website influences how it will rank on Google. 

Check Your Website Score?

If you score below a B ... use Speed_expert22 to improve your score! Vetted by me! Tell him Tiaj30 sent you!

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