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Upgrade to 2.0 with Shopify Dawn Theme

dawn theme shopify 2.0
Mastering P.o.P with Tia Jones
Upgrade to 2.0 with Shopify Dawn Theme

Are you planning to switch from Shopify’s Debut theme to Dawn theme 2.0? If so, you’re in the right place! This Clubhouse app audio features:

  1. Tia Jones (Shopify Partner and Merchant)
  2. Carol Ching (Shopify Partner/Developer/Designer)
  3. Jen Ritchie (Shopify Expert, Partner, Developer/Designer)

In the Shopify 101 Clubhouse room titled 'Upgrade to 2.0 with Shopify Dawn Theme', we mentioned the best themes for large catalogs, and for Paparazzi store merchants.

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We also mentioned the following DAWN websites that we (Carol ChingJen RitchieTia Jones) set up using the Dawn theme.

  1. - Tia 
  2. - Mastering P.o.P member 
  3. - Mastering P.o.P member
  4.  - Mastering P.o.P member
  5.  - Mastering P.o.P member 
  6.  - Mastering P.o.P member
  7. https//  - Mastering P.o.P member 
  8. - Mastering P.o.P member
  9. - Mastering P.o.P member 
  10. - Mastering P.o.P member
  11. - Mastering P.o.P member 
  12. - Mastering P.o.P member
  13. - Mastering P.o.P member 
  15. - Carol
  16. - Jen 

Dawn Theme Features:

  • High Performance & High Speed
    • The new Shopify Dawn theme removes all the unwanted or unused scripts and codes from the theme templates. Dawn Theme is 35% comparatively faster than Debut theme.
  • Compatibility
  • Flexibility
  • Hierarchal Structure
  • Sections Available on All Pages
  • Metafields
  • Template Creation
    • With the new feature of Online Store 2.0 you can now easily create a template for specific pages that you want to add and then you can assign specific products or collections to it.

Debut Theme Features:

  • Slideshow
    • This feature lets you display multiple products or brand images.
  • Predictive Search
    • This feature will show you live search results and quick links related to products and store pages.
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Promotional Banner
  • Suitable for Small Catalogs
    • This theme is a perfect fit for stores having a small number of products.
  • Home Page Video
  • Product Recommendations
  • Product Filtering
  • Debut Theme Styles
  • Default and Light are the two variant styles that come in Shopify Debut themes.
  • Theme Editor


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