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Tour ShipMonk's 3PL eCommerce Order Fulfillment Software

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Looking for a trusted and reliable 3PL order fulfillment service provider? Look no further than ShipMonk!

ShipMonk is the leader in the distribution and delivery industries, and the software can help to streamline your fulfillment process. They know what it takes to get your products where they need to go, and they have the experience and infrastructure to make it happen. So if you're looking for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective 3PL solution, ShipMonk is the answer.  

If you're in the Inner Circle and you missed the Zoom call, I highly recommend that you watch the entire replay if you've been contemplating using a third party logistics software. 

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The following are the Zoom timestamps. The above video is a 10 minute snippet of the demo. The entire video is 1.5 hours (demo & Q&A). 

> 4:35 - Matt Carpentieri with ShipMonk briefly introduces the brand and what they will cover during the demo

> 6:00 - Mark Rusciano introduces himself and Shipmonk

> 7:15 - What a ShipMonk customer sees when they log into the software (keeping your store lights on)

> 11:45 - Shipmonk - customer orders page

> 17:20 - Shipmonk - individual customer order page

> 19:38 - Shipmonk - adding a new product to the software

> 29:38 - Shipmonk - shipping services and inventory

> 33:33 - Shipmonk - value of merchandise shipped

> 35:18 - Shipmonk - receiving inventory

> 40:53 - Shipmonk - returns processing

> 43:56 - Shipmonk - customer claims

> 51:29 - Shipmonk - is anyone using another shipping provider

> 59:55 - Schema Plus - is offering the Inner Circle 30% off the app -- they'll be sending us demo video specifically for MP's Inner Circle. Here is a video about Schema Plus. Again, you have to click this link to get the discount. 

> 1:02:35 - AMP by Ampify Me is offering 15% off the app and they're going to give MP a live demo in the upcoming weeks

> 1:11:59 - PushOwl is giving MP a live demo Apr 27th at 7am PST ... we will be going live on Facebook and YouTube

> 1:13:10 - Route app is going to give MP a live demo in the upcoming weeks

> 1:16:13 - MP is having a demo with Brightlocal (Local SEO) ... this has been changed from Apr 27th because PushOwl will be giving us a live demo on that day.  We will let everyone know the updated BrightLocal demo. 

> 1:18:34 - MP Inner Circle 'affiliates' can invite a guest or two to join a Zoom coaching call. 

> 1:23:50 - High domain websites where we can publish our content 

> 1:25:30 - Aquannette shares Sezzle directory .... If you're using Sezzle ... you can add your store to their directory

> 1:35:33 - In the past, Zifa shared ... you can add your store to this directory

> 1:36:54 - MP will start promoting the Inner Circle on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, website, podcast, email campaigns, etc).

> 1:37:45 - How do I know if I have breadcrumbs on my website?

> 1:38:30 - How do I add other variant images?

> 1:43:36 - Why aren't my blogs displaying on my website?

> 1:50:52 - DAWN 2.0 theme and Klaviyo browse abandonment flow (install code) - you can find how this is done by watching Apr 3, 2022 Zoom Replay - Time stamp 2:07:33 - Browse abandonment email flow and installing the code to default product pages. The code that you will need to install is here 

 > 1:53:53 - Zoom call recap

> 1:55:00 - Add your store to these 5 business directories 

> 1:58:48 - Install the Kajabi app so that you can easily log into the MP membership

> 1:59:58 - Pull your end of the month numbers from Klaviyo and plug them into your SEO Report spreadsheet 

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