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The Truth About Timing Out Social Media Posts

The Truth About Timing Out Social Media Posts

There is an extensive amount of data and expert advice explaining the best time to post to social media. Social media’s relation to the real world, as in timing, social norms, and other non-digital inferences are often opinion fodder. While one “expert” claims one thing, there are ten others that have ten other ideas about the appropriate approach. 

However, before discrediting any of these opinions, or staking the social networking existence of your business on them, understand them. Often, if an entrepreneur knows where the information is coming from the relevance to their business can be deciphered. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out the best time of day to post, consider these more important factors.

Target Audience
The target audience that a post is speaking too is far more important than the time they see it. The main reason is that AI is advancing and with it, the algorithms for social media posts are becoming smarter. Thus, what once was strictly time-based is now primarily interest based. If the target audience responds well to content like yours, they will see it whenever they return to social media. The only thing that is important is that the content is posted. If it is relevant to the audience, it will be seen.

What is Being Posted
The post itself is also a big factor in posting importance. This could have to do with time, if the post is about an event, or has relevance to a current event. However, the specific time of day is usually unimportant. After all, there is little use in posting the event the day the event is happening. Therefore, whether a person posts the event a week before in the morning or in the evening will not matter. The response will not vary because the people who are interested will see it because of its relevance. 

Why Are You Posting
The reason for a post is also important. The timing of that post usually does not affect importance. Instead, the relevance to the business and the target audience will get the word out about the post. Obviously, it is important to post a holiday greeting on a holiday. Yet, even the time of day for that type of post is not pivotal. Instead, understanding the purpose for the post and tailoring the post to meet those needs will be much more beneficial.

In summation, any post on any given digital platform has much more to consider than timing. While it might play into the decision, it should be far from the deciding factor. Plus, as AI and social media algorithms progress, timing will likely become less important. After all, a globalized world makes timing obsolete, as the audience can be a day away. Therefore, the relevance of the target audience individually will become far more meaningful.

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