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Small Business Link Building Tactics that Work

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Small Business Link Building Tactics that Work

Link building is an excellent source for SEO. However, it also helps a small business gain notoriety as an expert in its field. There are many benefits to link building, especially for a small business. Yet, this is a portion of the marketing machine that every industry struggles to achieve.

Fortunately, there are a few link-building tactics that work across industries and throughout the size of a business. These tactics need to be worked with and upkeep, like most worthwhile endeavors. If done properly, though, small business owners will certainly see a formulation of successful link building.

Become One with the Community
For many small businesses, the community that surrounds their business is going to be their best supporter. The community buys from the business, supports the business, and usually wants to see the business succeed. By giving back to the community, the business owner is showing their appreciation. If the community feels appreciated, they will be more apt to help you build links, among other marketing favors.

Find Blogger Friends
Successful bloggers, whether they are local, or share your business’ niche, are excellent friends to have. Bloggers can help build links for your business that are read, shared, and clicked by their many fans and followers. As an expert in the business’ niche, the business owner is in the position to help the blogger out too. Their relationship is mutually beneficial, as the business owner provides the content that the blogger seeks.

The best way to make friends with a blogger is to follow their content and write meaningful comments. Eventually, the blogger will notice and once that door is opened, keep the conversation flowing. Offer to help them if they are stuck or have a niche question. Be good to them and they will, in turn, be good to you.

Take Part in a Study or Offer a Testimonial
When a business is part of research or offers a testimonial, a link back to the business is usually provided. This link is more to show authenticity than to truly build a link. That doesn’t mean businesses should not take advantage of it, though. If your business uses a service, or hears of a niche study taking place, get in on it. Participate in a study and/or submit a testimonial. If that information is used in any capacity, your company will be cited.

In summation, link building might take a little extra effort, but it is not impossible. Regardless of the size of the business, or the notoriety you have, links can always be built. That is if you are the business owner with the go for gold attitude to get it done.

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