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Set Big Goals Like Milton's Daughter

goals miltons daughter Jul 18, 2021

Did you set 2021 goals? If not, it's time to do so because we are halfway through the year.

Sadly, we never set big goals because we don't think that we're going to achieve our goals. Have you ever heard that high expectations are what create unhappiness… this is not true.

You may be unhappy because you’re not taking colossal action towards your future self. You’re not finding a way to invest in yourself. In my Clubhouse rooms, I talk about action all the time. I truly believe that action cures all.

If you set BIG goals and targets, and you are not able to hit them, it’s okay because you would have made progress. That alone will make you happy, and you will have learned to measure yourself correctly. 

The best way to measure yourself is by measuring yourself against yourself. You never measure yourself against another person or ‘business’. All you need to do is measure yourself against who you were before or where your business was before.

I repeat, the only thing you should measure yourself against is your FORMER self. That should always be your starting point. It's the only way you should measure your progress.

Promise me that from this point forward, you will only set BIG goals. Again, once you start making progress with your BIG goals, you won’t be disappointed because you applied yourself and took MASSIVE action.

Get ready to watch your transformation…. you will see that you are not the same person.

Lastly, I want to share how Lori, owner of, took massive action 3 months into 2021.


1. Migrated from Square to Shopify

2. Optimized her ENTIRE website (SEO) and submitted XML sitemap for Google to index

3. Set-up Mandatory Email Flows and additional flows using Klaviyo APP — she’s sending email campaigns out regularly


1. Connected Search Console to Shopify & Set-Up Google Analytics (connected both Search Console & GA together and enabled e-commerce tracking)

2. Installed and set up major conversion apps (e.g. Frequently Bought Together, PushOwl, Delivery Date Range, Yotpo,

3. Started documenting her cost for products, shipping, etc. to visually see her profit from each product sold. For example, how much are your customers paying for shipping and how much are you technically paying for shipping. How many discounts are you giving out per month and what does that equal in $$$.

4. Created Google Adwords & Merchant Center accounts

5. Added Products to Google Free Listings (Local Surfaces)

Lori is currently working on getting backlinks (already garnered two major backlinks) and creating content aka blog posts, video tutorials, etc. to live on and offsite.

Mastering P.o. P has been working with Lori since the end of April 2021. She's a member of Mastering P.o. P’s paid membership, Facebook Group, and is a staple in our Clubhouse rooms.  Lori has asked almost two dozen questions in this Facebook group, and you can see Lori’s SEO and Digital Marketing growth if you look at her very first question to her most recent question. If you want to see this for yourself, look at @MasteringPoP Instagram story (Jul 18, 2021).

The amount of keywords driving traffic to her website has increased since we started working with Lori and she is even ranking on the 1st page of Google for a few.

Last month Jun 2021, 43% of revenue was from email, and this month Jul 80%. Lori’s email is generating 80% of her gross sales.

  • Email campaigns 52%
  • Email flows 28%

Mastering P.o. P wants to congratulate Lori for setting BIG goals and taking massive action.

Force yourself to take action …. you’re never going to be able to think your way to the right solution …  go ahead and do a little bit thinking to get a general direction on which way you want to go and then TAKE ACTION!

Be, Do, Have!