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Recover Abandoned Carts & Boost Sales with Web Push Notifications

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In today's competitive online marketplace, e-commerce store owners need to find ways to increase sales and web push notifications offer a powerful way to boost online sales while also recovering abandoned carts.

Web push notifications are short, unobtrusive messages that are sent directly to a customer's desktop or mobile device. These messages can be tailored to specific customer behaviors, such as when they abandon a cart, and can include a call-to-action that encourages the customer to complete their purchase.

Web push notifications have been shown to be an effective marketing tool, with click-through rates that are significantly higher than email open rates. Moreover, web push notifications can be set up to automatically send a message when a customer abandons their cart, meaning that businesses can recover lost sales without any additional effort. For these reasons, web push notifications offer a powerful way for businesses to increase online sales and recover abandoned carts.

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The following are the Zoom timestamps. The above is a short snippet of the demo. The entire video is an hour (demo & Q&A) and is only available to Mastering P.o.P's Inner Circle.

> 0:30 - Sachi Dalmia introduces herself

> 1:35 - What are web push notifications

> 2:49 - Why are push notifications crucial

> 4:15  - The three beneficial points for push notification customers

> 5:10 - How to build a push notification campaign

> 10:49 - Automations available (abandon cart, welcome series, etc.)

> 17:15 - Segmentation features (e.g. clicked and purchased)

> 17:66 - Opt In settings

>  21:03 - Recap of PushOwl

> 22:18 - How is PushOwl different from Klaviyo

> 23:20 - Get PushOwl discount and access to Enterprise features via this link.

> 25:00 - Do we have to change the sizing of the product image when setting up a push campaign

> 30:00 - When should you start creating push campaigns based on subscriber count

> 31:50 - Recap of PushOwl 

> 36:00 - Is there a way to filter my IP address 

> 37:50 - How can we get push notification subscribers

>  39:20 - Push notifications vs email campaigns

> 40:35 - What's the difference between iPhone and Android push notifications

>  41:30 - PushOwl integrations (e.g. JudgeMe, Loox, Wheelio, etc)

> 45:57 - PushOwl and Yotpo integration

> 46:29 - How often should we send out push notifications

> 48:04 - There Welcome Series

> 50:22 - Reporting

> 54:05 - Features roadmap

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