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PushOwl Web Push Notifications for Android or Desktop

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What is PushOwl?

PushOwl is Shopify's highest-rated web push notification solution used by hundreds of Shopify store owners. Think of it as another marketing and sales channel ... like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. PushOwl can convert your one-time customers into loyal repeat customers with a simple push notification campaign. The platform comes with abandoned cart recovery, shipping alerts, back-in-stock automation features, and more!

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PushOwl lets you reach your customers instantly.

**Recover carts with cart abandonment reminders.
**Send personalized push notifications on the web and mobile (Android).
**Automate push notifications for back-in-stock updates, price drop, **shipping details, welcome messages, and flash sales announcements.
**Automated subscriber data sync with account data.
**Pricing: Free to install. The business plan starts at $19/month based on impressions.

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