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Mastering P.o.P Inner Circle Community

Mastering E-comm with Mastering P.o.p Community

Be a part of a goal-driven thriving community of e-commerce store owners ready to collaborate, share store goals, tips, passions, and much more! Get exclusive access to resources, a supportive peer community, and a variety of helpful Shopify app discounts. The community will also have exclusive access to resources such as past Clubhouse audios, on-demand (catch-up zoom training), and training, workshops, and more!

A community of entrepreneurs wanting to share their e-commerce store, network, and be held accountable for their passions and goals. Share your e-commerce store goals with Mastering P.o.P, and like-minded entrepreneurs striving to scale and live their best life!

Connect and create your Vision Board surrounded by women looking to grow in their respective careers or become their own boss

Connect & Share
Make real connections and be vulnerable and open to becoming a better version of yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs looking to scale their store and become their own boss.

Accountability Partners
Get support from the community and Mastering P.o.P every step of the way. Be held accountable by giving and receiving feedback.

Share Wins
Start sharing your accomplished goals whether big or small with Mastering P.o.P and the community today!

Who you surround yourself with every day is who you become. It's true that the people you surround yourself with have an impact on your life and goals. Ask yourself the following three questions right now.

  1. Am I surrounding myself with quality, like-minded entrepreneurs?
  2. What do I really want for my life?
  3. Is this the life I’m meant to live?
  4. Am I ready to give it my all?

If you were unable to answer one out of four questions 'honestly' and you desire more out of life, then Mastering E-comm with Mastering P.o.P Community is for you!

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