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Live Demo: Mastering P.o.P and Personalization App ConvertWise

convertwise shopify app

Live call timestamps and demo video below!

In case you didn't know, Mastering P.O.P explored the functionalities of Shopify App, ConvertWise. During the live call, we got a glimpse of the Personalization App, which enables customization of every page in your Shopify store. Best of all, this live Zoom call was open to everyone!

ConvertWise offers:

  • Dynamic Home Page Banners for different segments of visitors
  • Frequently Bought Together & On-site Abandoned Cart reminder to increase sales
  • Banner Slider & Carousels to feature your Favourite Products.
  • Website Personalization & AI-powered recommendations to increase conversions.
  • Upsell w/ Popular products, New arrivals, Recently viewed, Also bought.

ConvertWise is currently in its beta phase. You can install the app for free for the upcoming six months. Should you choose to install it, please let me know [email protected].

Introduction to the Features

0:16 - Dynamic Hero Banner

0:22 - Abandoned Cart Recovery

1:10 - Browse Abandonment 

1:31 - Most Popular or Viewed

1:43 - Frequently Bought Together

1:49 - AI Recommendations

2:07 - Wildcard

3:23 - Installation of CovertWise

4:35 - Dynamic Banner 

15:15 - Abandoned Cart Recovery

23:48 - Wildcard feature

24:47 - Browse Abandonment

26:45 - MP Member Installs ConvertWise App

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