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Let Mastering P.o.P Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing & SEO

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Let Mastering P.o.P Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing & SEO

Picture this: you're the owner of an online store. You've put in countless hours building and perfecting your shop- from finding the right suppliers, to designing attractive product pages, to setting up shipping and payment systems. You know your business inside and out. But even with all that work behind you, there's one more hurdle you have to clear before your store can be successful: decision fatigue. In this blog post, we'll discuss how you can eliminate decision fatigue as an online merchant.

Tia Jones, founded Mastering P.o.P to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate digital departments improve their search engine visibility with coaching, community, and courses that are hands-on for beginners or experienced marketers who want more success in this competitive industry 

When it comes to e-commerce, the choices are endless. With so many factors and processes involved in running your business smoothly from the beginning of customers' journeys through the checkout process all the way until delivery tracking data is compiled - how can one make educated decisions without being overwhelmed? That's where Mastering P.O.P comes into play! This program incorporates various methods such as SEO, Email, Partnership, Conversion Optimization courses, video tutorials, Clubhouse audio recordings, and live Zoom calls (available for replays). Mastering P.o.P's brainchild, Tia Jones who teaches Digital Marketing and SEO at The School Of Greatness; says "The concept behind the coaching program is removing decision fatigue from store owners by assigning tasks which help move the needle in their business."

Whether you're a small business owner or freelancer, Mastering P.o.P is the place for your digital marketing and SEO needs! With our diverse member base of stores from all over North America (and beyond), we can provide guidance on how best to market yourself through various channels like social media, coupon sites, online directories, marketplaces platforms, and search engines. 

Mastering P.o.P's members include businesses from a multitude of retail industries including handmade bar soapmental health shirtsAfrican home decorcustom design jewelrypaparazzi jewelry, and more! Mastering P.o.P's original members, Milton's Daughter scaled to 5-figures per month in just under 6 months and Pistols and Pearls Boutique, a retailer for women's clothing has also seen major increases in revenue.

With a $37 per week membership, Mastering P.o.P's services also include monthly SEO and keyword reports as well personalized content recommendations and more! Backlink assistance is given by the group coaching staff which and result monitoring is done for you at the end of each month so that you can see how you're doing. Learn how it works!

Mastering P.o.P integrates self-taught, tried, and tested theories into their courses. Founder Tia Jones, has several e-commerce stores, with Flower Power Packages, a cannabis packaging, and dispensary supply store, being the most profitable.

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