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Join Mastering Ecomm with Mastering P.o.P Facebook Group

facebook facebook group Nov 15, 2021


Have you joined yet? You're missing out if you haven't joined Mastering Ecomm with Mastering P.o.P Facebook group.


Once you're approved: 

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Group Admins:

  1. Tia Jones Shopify Partner & Merchant
  2. Stephanie Jones Shopify Partner & Merchant

Group Experts

  1. Twana Moore - Target Audience & Shopify Merchant
  2. Charlene Brown - WordPress Expert since 2004
  3. Carol Ching - Shopify Partner/Developer/Designer
  4. Alex Whitfield - Facebook, IG & TikTok Paid Ads
  5. Jen Ritchie - Shopify Expert/Partner/Developer
  6. Sarah Sewell - Sales Strategist (Etsy / Amazon) - owner of


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