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JDNatLady's Creations Increases Conversions & Name Drops

hair care products handmade soaps inner circle jdnatladys creations skincare products Jun 12, 2022

Meet the Founder

Aquannette Chinnery is a Mastering P.o.P "Inner Circle" member and the owner of JDNatlady's Creations, a full line of high-quality, handmade soaps, skin care, and hair care products.

In the Beginning

Entrepreneurship and e-commerce store owner Aquannette Chinnery joined Mastering P.o.P Inner Circle membership 7 months ago in November of 2021. Prior to joining the membership and community, Aquannette was working on her store without any guidance from a coach that could provide strategies to successfully grow her online store.

Her Process

Since joining Mastering P.o.P Aquannette has consistently logged into the membership library to access and work on her workflows. She is present at every Zoom call, Clubhouse room, vocal in the Membership Community, and utilizes the 200+ hours of educational audio/video content provided by Mastering P.o.P to improve her site. 

The online marketing strategies implemented by Aquannette Chinnery with Mastering P.o.P's guidance. 

Onsite Optimization

  • Optimized website (SEO) and submitted XML sitemap for Google to crawl and index
  • Set-up Mandatory Email Flows and additional flows using Klaviyo APP 
  • Installed and manually set up major Conversion Apps that do the following:
    • sends out push notifications 
    • pairs complementary products
    • upsells in the cart
    • accelerates mobile pages
    • schema mark-up
    • better search functionality
  • Writing and posting in-depth optimized blogs
Offsite Optimization
  • Submitted online store coupons to high authority coupon sites
  • Submitted online store to high authority online directories
  • Garnered backlinks from high authority websites (e.g. edu)
  • Set-up Products to display in Google Free Product Listings 
    • Start Google Shopping Smart Campaign
      • Running Retargeting and display ads  

This is just the beginning.... to be continued!

Are you still wondering how JDNatLady's Creations is Name Dropping? In case you didn't know, Name Dropping is when you mention the name of a famous person, brand or influencer to make a good impression on people. Well, this is a pretty old but popular Marketing and Advertising strategy. The strategy creates a sense of superiority by elevating your status. Check out how JDNatLady's Creations is name dropping.

Mastering P.o. P wants to congratulate Aquannette for setting big goals and taking action. Thanks for being a staple in our Inner Circle Community, Facebook Group and Clubhouse rooms!