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Instagram’s Kindness Filter Was Created to Focus on Promoting a Positive Image

Instagram’s Kindness Filter Was Created to Focus on Promoting a Positive Image

Instagram is the perfect place to relay a message without having to say a word. This inventive and popular social media platform takes the focus off what posts say and rather, what they show. The platform’s popularity proves that emotions and experiences are far easier to show than to explain.

Through pictures, hashtags, and filters, Instagram posters share their daily and extraordinary experiences from all over the world. Pursuing that sense of unity, positivity, empathy, and humanity, Instagram has added two new features to the platform. The Kindness Filter and an update to the AI discouraging bullying are the premier new features endorsing this goal.

Kindness Filter
The Kindness Filter encourages positivity and connection, with different functions depending on the lens the picture is taken from. While both the front and rear cameras display confidence-inducing features, there is a difference in the experience users have.

When using the rear-facing camera, pictorial subjects can filter stories. When using the front-facing camera, the screen will fill with hearts. During the front-facing mode, users will have the option to tag a friend with a positive shout-out.
These different types of filters are easy to apply and there are two different ways to trying them. The first way is to follow the widely-known anti-bullying advocate, Maddie Ziegler. The second way can only be accessed if a friend has this filter. If a user sees the filters in their friend’s story hit the “try it” button. That way, they will also gain access to the filters.

AI for Anti-Bullying
In addition to the Kindness Filter, Instagram has implemented AI technology that has the sole purpose of detecting bullying. The negativity could come from the post or captions. Once identified, the post will immediately be sent to an Instagram Community Operations team member who will review the post.

The purpose of these extra steps is to make Instagram a fun, positive, and engaging platform for young people. There is enough negativity in the world. Therefore, Instagram is taking a stand to make a change.

To close, the new additions to the Instagram platform is the company’s effort to promote positivity in users’ lives. Often, a smile, kind word, or simple reminder that a person cares about help turn their day around. Thus, these new, loving, and positive platform modifications are exactly what the world needs right now.

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