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Increase Your AOV, Conversion Rate and Customers with these Apps

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Mastering P.o.P with Tia Jones
Increase Your AOV, Conversion Rate and Customers with these Apps

One of the most popular solutions that e-commerce store owners use in this present day is a wide variety of different apps. We've reached the point where there is an app for almost everything, and yet most businesses aren't making great use of the ones that could help them to sell more and develop stronger customer relationships.

If you are struggling to increase your conversion rate or average or value, you should try different apps offered in the market. My only general rule of thumb would be to never have two apps that can do the same thing.

The audio above is from the Clubhouse room titled 'Increase Your Average Order Value, Conversion Rate, and Customers with these Apps''. The room was hosted under Shopify 101 on the Clubhouse App and we were fortunate to have different conversion app developers share their app features.

Yes, the entire audio is here for you to enjoy. 

Shopify 101 club on the Clubhouse App is a space to learn all things Shopify, e-commerce, and Digital Marketing Tues, Thurs, and Fri at 7 am PST. Rooms are recorded and used for marketing purposes.

 Guest Moderator(s):

Sachi Dalmia - PushOwl App - send out mobile/desktop push notification

Drew Schaefer - Route App - shipping protection (protect your product and pocket)

Evan Cooke - Klaviyo App  - SMS and email marketing

Rasheem Christie -  In Cart Upsell App - upsell in the cart, product page, and more

Jevon Hylton - In Cart Upsell App  - upsell in the cart, product page, and more

Arlen Robinson - OSI Affiliate App - affiliate and influencer marketing

Sam Sesti - Report Toaster - know your profits -- get custom reports - 80 premade templates


Available App Discounts below:

Report Toaster

The most powerful reporting and analytics app for Shopify merchants. Use our 80+ pre-built report templates to track your Gross and Net Profits, AOV, Customer LTV, sales channel attribution, and thousands of other metrics. Customize any report to your specific needs and save it to your favorites. Export and download to CSV or PDF, or schedule any report and have it delivered automatically via email. Report Toaster can help you take control of your Shopify data and put it to work for you!

Get 25% discount for anyone that mentions you and wants to be on a paid plan. We don’t have a direct link for this yet, but will soon. Until then just have them contact us directly in our in-app chat and we can take care of the discount.


Web push notifications are a highly visible marketing channel that is adopted by many of the largest and most successful Shopify stores. These short messages appear right on the subscriber’s device screen, ensuring they don’t mi s s it. To send a web push through your Shopify store, you can set up PushOwl. Turn your one-time store visitors into loyal subscribers. Send promotions to your subscriber s and bring them back to your store to shop. 

Get a 30-day extended free trial when you install this app. Please send an email to [email protected] to receive your extended trial and copy [email protected]. You need to provide your Shopify URL (for example - [your-shop-name] ). Use code MPop21.

In Cart Upsell

In Cart, Upsell is the best upsell app because it is inside your store. With no annoying pop-ups, it gently helps your customers buy more, increasing your average order value.

  • Their autopilot system can automatically recommend the exact product your shopper is most likely to buy next!
  • Discount features automatically apply a discount of your choice when shoppers accept an offer.
  • Target offers based on the shopper's location and quantity of an item in the cart.
  • Create buy 2 get 1 free, Buy 3 get a bonus, and more
  • Offer a particular product to every customer
  • Show or hide offers based on a customer's tags
  • Offer discounted / free / BOGO products
  • Show offers only in certain countries Multiple related products

Get 25% off when you install this app. Please send an email to [email protected] to receive your discount. You need to provide your Shopify URL (for example - [your-shop-name] 

Route App

This app is FREE and a must!! Route offers a connected suite of post-purchase solutions for online retailers. With Route, Shopify merchants can optimize their post-purchase experience, increase customer lifetime value, and differentiate their brand by offering customers:

  • Package tracking built for the needs of modern consumers.
  • Order protection against loss, theft, or damage.
  • Genuine customer engagement from purchase to delivery.

Install Route and receive their Discover feature 'forever FREE'. Click here and let them know that Mastering P.o.P sent you.


Imagine having control over customer experience? Klaviyo lets you create a personalized and memorable customer experience. It helps in building high-value relationship building with your customers. Use Klaviyo to target customers across multiple channels – emails, SMS, web, and in-app notifications. Listen to your customers, understand what they want, and use Klaviyo to turn the information into relevant marketing messages. 

Currently, there is no discount available for this app. If you plan to use Klaviyo as your email automation software, please email [email protected] and we can get help to get you set-up.

OSI Affiliate

Increase traffic and sales with affiliate software made easy. Your customers will now be able to become your biggest advocates. You will be able to reach a new audience. Every page of your website can now become a lead magnet.

Sign up for a 15-day trial of OSI Affiliate Software.

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