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I'm Giving My E-commerce Store Away & Protecting My Wealth

estate planning family llc financial power of attorney protect your legacy protect your wealth succession plan undocumented month Aug 01, 2022

Your business is growing, and with that growth comes new opportunities and new risks. As your business becomes more successful, it's important to protect your wealth. This includes both your personal wealth and the wealth of your business. There are many ways to protect your wealth, and today we talked about it with special guest Mekey Gabriel.

During this live Zoom call, we spoke about how to leave a business to a minor, giving our business away legally, setting up a family LLC, succession planning and more! Grab your favorite drink, and seat so you can listen and learn! You can protect your wealth by taking these measures and ensuring the longevity of your business. Enjoy!

> 1:15 - Giving away my store

> 3:53 - Used Spreadr app to add Amazon products to my Shopify store

> 4:22 - Organic search traffic and keyword stats for my store

> 7:25 - Mekey Gabriel with Wealth Financial Flowers

Mekey Gabriel has been in the financial services industry for over 27 years.  Beginning with a Broker- Dealer as a Licensing temp and developing a love for Finance, it evolved into a lifelong career. She currently holds a Series 65 license and the SIE.

Affiliated firms in her career include a State Bank, a National Clearing Firm, and boutique wealth management firms, all contributing to her wealth of knowledge and information.

Mekey is originally from Louisiana and is currently in Houston, Texas.  She attended Texas A&M University and made lifelong friends at Zeta Phi Beta, Inc., her sorority which also mirrors her love of community service.  She is on the Board of Director’s for her Homeowner’s Association and is a volunteer at her church and local community.

> 8:44 - IRS and undocumented money 

> 10:35 - Planning for our business

> 11:13 - Giving your business away legally

> 14:28 - Formal succession plan

> 16:09 - Viewing website stats on SEMrush 

> 17:42 - Evaluate your business

>  18:15 - Leaving a business to a minor

> 20:50 - Ralph inquires about taking steps to protect his family and

> 29:13 - Don't give assets to your children because...

> 30:53 - Set-up a Family LLC

> 33:55 - Gifting or passing a business over to a child or family member that's married

> 45:05 - Natasha shares her prenup it states...

> 47:02 - If you don't wake up tomorrow...

> 49:00 - When do you give up the reigns to your business or asset(s)

> 51:00 - Financial Power of Attorney

> 55:42 - Zifa inquires about what to do with her business

> 1:01:54 - Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman's estate fees

> 1:04:19 - Get your documents and business in place

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