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How to Verify your Shopify website for Google

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If you don't have a Gmail associated with the website that you're going to verify, please go ahead and create a Gmail right now and make sure you're logged into it before we get started.

Before you can verify your site for Google, you have to let Google know that you're the owner of your website. This means we need to go to Google Search Console to get started.

Click start now and select the URL prefix option to input your website URL. Make sure to include https://www

Click Submit and select the HTML tag method and copy the TAG so that we can place it in our theme.liquid code in Shopify.

In our Shopify dashboard, we're going to click Online Store and then navigate to the right to Edit our Theme Code.

We'll then click on theme.liquid and we place the TAG below the head code and click save.

Now it's time to verify in Search Console that the meta tag has now been added to our store. Click Verify and if successful you'll see a pop-up stating that ownership has been verified.

Now that your sites been verified, it's important to remember not to remove the meta tag that you just added. The good news is, if this were to happen, you can always add it again and if you need help, you can refer to this video.

Save this video just in case and share it with a friend that has a website.

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