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How to Use Google Sheets, Gmail & Zapier for Partnership Marketing

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This is a great way to do partnership outreach for your e-commerce store without having to email every single potential partner. I want to show you how you can automate the process using Google Sheets, Gmail & Zapier.

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It's important to stay organized when doing partnership outreach. It's really easy to forget who you've contacted and on what date.

The easiest way to do outreach is by automating the process as much as possible. Instead of having to open your Gmail to pitch potential partners, you can connect your partnership outreach "Google Sheet" to your "Gmail" using a cool tool called Zapier.

The Zapier integration makes it easy to trigger an email for updates made in your Google Sheet. You want to set this up so that all you're doing is opening up your Google Sheet and adding your potential partner's name, email, and unique message. Once you've added these three things, your email will automatically fire off, also known as "zap".

To make it easy for you, I created this video explaining how to set-up your partnership spreadsheet using Google Sheets, Gmail, and Zapier.

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