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How to TAG VIP Customers in Email Automation Software Klaviyo

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In this video, I show you how to tag (segment) your VIP customers using email automation software Klaviyo. I also show you how to set-up a notification that's delivered straight to you or a team-members inbox. If you want to become a top-performing e-commerce merchant, this video explains how a customer's journey should play out.

Who are You VIP Customers?

The first thing to consider when creating a VIP segment of your audience is who constitutes your VIP audience. You could create multiple VIP segments based on whichever goal you're focusing on at the current moment.

However, most businesses determine their VIP audience based on the following two criteria.

  1. Customers who spend a certain amount of money in a given space of time.
  2. Customers who purchase a certain number of products, or services within a given space of time.


When creating a VIP segment of your audience in Klaviyo, it is very important to specify a specific time reference to ensure you capture only VIP and not unengaged customers.


Why should you create a VIP segment of your audience in Klaviyo?

As pointed out above, creating a VIP segment of your audience makes it easy for you to identify your valuable customers. This is important if you want to market to those customers to ensure their undying commitment to your product, brand, or service.

If you want to be notified when a VIP customer has placed an order, you can set-up a notification that is emailed to your inbox. You want to make sure that you include the customer's first and last name and their email address so that when you're notified, you know the customer's details.

Below is what my email notification looks like when we are notified that a VIP has just placed an order. You can find a screenshot of how this looks like on my blog. 


We have a new VIP customer {{ first_name }} {{ last_name }} in the building.... you know what to do!

{{ email }}

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