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How to Get Started with Influencer Marketing

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If you're looking for a way to start Influencer Marketing, look no further because Upfluence might be all you need. On Apr 3, 2022, special guest Adam Shapiro, joined Mastering P.o.P's Zoom coaching call to give us a demo of the influencer tool. 

Upfluence is an All-in-one platform to manage your influencer campaigns from start to finish. Upfluence has everything you need to find, contact, and work with the right influencers even if you have no budget. With their powerful search engine and extensive database of more than 6 million macro, micro and mega influencers, you can easily find the right people to promote your brand.

Once you find your ideal influencers, their easy-to-use platform makes it simple to manage all aspects of your campaign – from creating content to tracking results. You’ll be able to see exactly how each influencer is performing and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

If you're in the Inner Circle and you missed the Zoom call, I highly recommend that you watch the entire replay if you want to use the platform and get access to a plethora of influencers. Mastering P.o.P's Inner Circle has an opportunity to use the platform at a affordable cost. 

You must be a Mastering P.o.P member to have access to all Zoom replays. If you're not in the Inner Circle yet, what are you waiting for? 

The following are the Zoom call timestamps. The above video is a 6 minute snippet of the demo. The entire video is 2 hours (demo & Q&A). A must watch!

Here is a link to Adam's calendar if you're interested using in Upfluence.

  • 4:05 - Adam Shapiro with Upfluence starts demo. 
  • 1:01:28 - Upfluence pricing tiers
  • 1:35:33 - ShipMonk will be joining us on Clubhouse Apr 8, 2022 at 7:00am PST. ShipMonk is a multichannel order fulfillment services and inventory management software that enables companies to focus on achieving scalable growth
  • 1:39:02 - Inner Circle member, Ralph ( emphasizing Mastering P.o.P's 'Inner Circle' Opportunity with Upfluence. 
  • 1:44:04 - Inner Circle members concern with not being able to claim an Upfluence seat because of their budget. A solution to this is joining Mastering P.o.P's affiliate program and getting a minimum of 4 people to sign up for the membership. These four people can pay for your Upfluence seat. There are assets available for you to easily promote the membership via social media (e.g facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc). We have banners, an All in One Summary, and Swipe files for you to use. 
  • 1:49:00 - Mastering P.o.P Co-Founder Stephanie suggests promoting Mastering P.o.P via Affiliate Program to earn extra money.
  • 1:52:42 - Inner Circle member, Aquannette ( suggests for MP to get clarity on the Enterprise 25 seats and the Custom First Campaign $695 fee
  • 1:55:32 - Our upcoming Press Release outline 
  • 1:56:18 - Inner Circle member, Stephanie ( explains how using the Buy Button to embed products on blog pages may be an issue
  • 2:01:46 - Let's always be resourceful and reach out to the appropriate support when we get stuck.
  • 2:05:16 - Should we be concerned about Long URLS affecting our SEO?
  • 2:07:33 - Browse abandonment email flow and installing the Klaviyo code to default product pages

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