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How I Use Customer Review Shopify App Judge.Me

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If you're selling products online, then you know how important is to show customer reviews on your product pages. Customer reviews can make or break a sale, and often influence whether or not someone will buy from you in the future.

That's why I was excited to install the Judge.Me app in my Shopify store. This app allows customers to leave reviews and ask questions directly on your product pages.

If you're looking for an easy way to collect customer reviews and increase your conversion rate, then you should check out Judge.Me.

Currently, I'm still working my way through implementing all the features available with the $15 per month plan. One feature not mentioned in the video is customers having the option to leave a comment or ask a question about the product they purchased (see screenshot below).  The comments/questions live on the product pages. also integrates with a lot of great apps that I have installed in my store (listed below).  At some point, I will make sure that I'm using all of the integrations available. I will create an updated video once I've implemented all integrations. 

Want to know the benefits of using 

  • Collect customer reviews and increase conversion rate.
  • Show social proof to increase trust.
  • Make it easy for customers to provide feedback.
  • Increase confidence in your products and brand.
  • Get sales from people who are already interested in your product.
  • Increase the trust of potential customers with testimonials and reviews.
  • Get more sales without having to do any extra work!

In this video, I share how I use Judge.Me for social proof and to increase conversions. 

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