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Grow Your Audience with Live Streaming Using StageMe

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Ready to share and sell your products straight from your live stream? Look no further because StageMe might be all you need. 

Are you looking for a better way to connect with your audience? Live streaming is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and create a more personal connection. It's a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and products with the world. With StageMe, it's easy to sell products directly from your live stream. You can keep your viewers engaged and make it easy for them to purchase what they're interested in. You won't have to worry about lost sales or missed opportunities.

Live streaming is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to connect with your audience. Whether you're live streaming at your store location, at a conference, or just your everyday life, StageMe makes it easy for your viewers to buy straight from your stream. You can allow your site visitors to purchase from within your stream or redirect them to a product page. Either way, the stream follows the users wherever they go. StageMe's embed code is universally compatible with any eCommerce platform and takes 5 minutes to integrate. And because StageMe is committed to high quality live streaming, you can rest assured that your brand will look its best.

It's time to stop relying on our cell phones to broadcast our live stream - use StageMe for a professional-quality live stream that your audience will love.

If you're in the Inner Circle and you missed the Zoom call, I highly recommend that you watch the entire replay if you've been contemplating going live. 

You must be a Mastering P.o.P member to access all Zoom replays. If you're not in the Inner Circle yet, what are you waiting for? 

The following are the Zoom timestamps. The above video is an 8 minute snippet of the demo. The entire video is an hour long (demo & Q&A). 

 > 1:42 - Michael with StageMe shares Why Live? e-commerce

> 2:55 - A New Sales channel for e-commerce store owners

> 4:13 - Increase sales and traffic to your e-commerce store with live streaming and influencers (own your traffic)

> 4:55  Start engaging your audience (e.g new product launches, product showcase, drop in pricing, contest, lottery, etc)

> 5:22  Become a professional and differentiate yourself

> 5:46  Why you should use StageMe

> 7:25  StageMe Analytics  (e.g. what influencer generates the most sales, what campaigns work, etc)

> 8:00   StageMe demo and what site visitors will see

> 10:36  StageMe is fully customizable (white label solution).... no one will know that you're using StageMe

> 11:05  No integration (alls streams are recorded and can be viewed at a later time) .... StageMe is compatible with all e-commerce platforms

> 12:20  More StageMe features

> 12:45  StageMe offers three plans but you can receive a discount through Mastering P.o.P

> 13:20  StageMe will sponsor your first livestream ... so your first live stream will be free

> 14:00  StageMe proof of concept and Flower Power Packages (Tia) going live

> 20:00  Ralph asks if there's a chat feature / voice interaction

> 21:20  Is there's a difference between CommentSold and StageMe

>  23: 55  You can stream from one device with StageMe rather multiple devices with other platforms

> 24: 30  StageMe live streams can be embedded on your website (e.g. homepage, product page, etc)

>  27:17  Does StageMe connect to Facebook and Instagram

>  30:07  How noticeable is the video quality with the different plans

StageMe is offering all Mastering P.o.P members 720p HD video plan

> 33:05  Will StageMe slow down our website

>  36:13  StageMe demo recap 

> 39:06  Is there a separate login to StageMe if we have an Influencer or staff doing the live

> 40:57  Does StageMe have minimum internet speed requirements for users ....  Tia on screen looked jumpy 

> 45:55  Will anyone give StageMe a try and what's the learning curve (e.g. streaming to Instagram is a good StageMe benefit). Using just one device versus multiple devices is good.

> 47:18  Live streaming shopping is the future

> 49:14  StageMe versus Amazon live

> 51:15  Any platform that offers live streaming is compatible with StageMe

If you're looking for a way to connect with your audience and sell products directly from your live stream, StageMe is the perfect solution. StageMe makes it easy to keep viewers engaged and make it easy for them to purchase what they're interested in. Sign up today and see how live streaming can help take your business to the next level.

Sign up for StageMe today and start selling directly from your live streams! Oh yeah, get a significant discount if you're in Mastering P.o.P's Inner Circle.

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