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Google Includes Additional Streams of Income for YouTube Advertisers

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Google Includes Additional Streams of Income for YouTube Advertisers

YouTube is a great place for influencers to make money while commentating, educating, and raising awareness for what they love. The earning potential for YouTube influencers is unprecedented. Yet, this is largely due to the advertisers that utilize the platform to market their own products. YouTube allows advertisers to showcase their businesses by being endorsed by a YouTube influencer.

Therefore, much like celebrity endorsements, the followers of the YouTube influencers place more stock into the products they endorse.

However, in addition to this unique advertising niche, Google announced that they are adding additional streams of income to advertisers. These different avenues are aimed at increasing advertisement quality and response. Here are the newest income streams that will soon be available to YouTube advertisers.

Ad Extensions
YouTube advertisers will soon have ad extensions added to their options, to diversify viewer interaction capabilities. These ad extensions will include the ability to download an app, purchase tickets, and booking trips right from the ad.

These extensions will greatly lower the disconnect between the ad and the action advertisers want their viewers to take. In turn, these new extensions are expected to drive sales exponentially.

Brand Lift Studies
The ability to enact Brand Lift Studies right from Google Ads and other avenues is another interesting advertising income stream. This update includes three pivotal additions. The first one encompasses and is directly influenced by the other two.
The first is that the metrics of an ad will be sent to the advertiser throughout their campaign. This means advertisers will be able to garner insights into how viewers are responding to their ads in near-real time. This information can help advertisers understand the unbridled truth of their campaign’s influence throughout the life of the ad.

Google Includes Additional Streams of Income for YouTube Advertisers

Within this advancement, there are two other changes that will also help advertisers pinpoint their audience’s true reactions. The first prong stemming from the Brand Lift Study’s facelift is the Lifted Users. Simply, this is the number of users that were influenced by the ad. This could mean the user wanted more information, took further action on an extension, or made a purchase. This information is extremely useful. In addition to gauging the actual response, it is also helping advertisers pinpoint when viewers are most likely to interact.
The second prong in the Brand Lift Study changes includes detailing the cost-per-lifted-user. This is helpful because it helps advertisers budget their funds more appropriately. Knowing what interaction is costlier, versus the results it receives helps advertisers dial in on the best campaign practices.

In summation, the implemented additional streams of income for YouTube advertisers are expected to transfigure the platform’s advertising potential. After all, the easier Google makes it for YouTube ads to return results, the more advertisers will depend on it. Hopefully, these changes will live up to the hype and help advertisers as much as it is expected to.

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