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Google Gives Businesses the Ability to Build an Online Presence before Opening

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Google Gives Businesses the Ability to Build an Online Presence before Opening

Business owners who are opening a brick-and-mortar location have a lot to check off their to-do list. However, once the business opens its doors it is likely that the business is going to have even more to take care of. Therefore, business owners often push to have everything, both digital and physical set up and running smoothly before opening day.

The new Google update enables businesses to check their Google listing off their list up to ninety days before opening. This is a major asset to businesses. Of course, it is another task that can be taken care of early. However, it is also a way to establish a digital presence before the location even opens.

Here is how to obtain a My Google Business Listing prior to settling in:

Claiming a Listing
Go to to start a listing claim. Follow the onscreen prompts, answering any questions that you can to help flesh out the body of the listing. Yet, upon coming across the Verify Your Listing section, select the option to Verify Later.

Select Your Opening Day
Once the business listing is established, return to the Google My Business login screen and locate the business you are managing. There will be a locatable Menu, and this is what will be selected:

  • Click Info from the Menu.
    • Click the Pencil next to the “Opening Date” selection.
    • Once prompted, enter the opening date.
      •  Click Apply

Update Listing
Once the opening day process is completed and the verification has gone through, you will be ready to go. However, to keep the listing relevant, add content to the listing. This content could include blog posts, pictures, status posts, and merchandise descriptions. The more you add to the listing, the easier it will be for people to find the business.

Plus, business owners can answer user questions via the listing, in addition to posting content, ninety days before opening.

Finally, after opening, the listing will showcase that the business was “recently opened” prompting new viewers to check it.

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