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Get Low Hanging Fruit Keywords on the 1st Page of Google

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SEO is a long-term game, so anything that can help speed up results is what you want to do. What are low-hanging fruit keywords? Low-hanging fruit refers to the most easily achieved keywords.

These are keywords you can make a few updates to and see noticeable improvements fairly quickly. Low hanging fruit keywords = terms you rank on the first/second page for (average position of 5-20)

Today, I'm going to show you how to find low-hanging fruit keyword phrases with my paid SEO tool of choice

Getting results is just a matter of improving your page with content, getting backlinks to the page that you're trying to rank, etc.

Here are a few things you can try:

**On-Page SEO – Make sure your pages are optimized for the keywords you want to rank for. Sometimes a page doesn't rank well because it is not targeting a specific keyword effectively.

**Improve content – With low-hanging fruit keywords, you don’t have to create new content. You can easily rework the content that is already there. Simply rewrite sections or add additional sections. Relevancy is key here.

**Check the SERPs – What are the other ranking pages in the SERPs like? If they are all providing a certain feature, chances are you should too.

**Internal Links – Get a list of the most linked pages of your site (HINT: SEMrush or even Google Search Console). Add links on those pages back to the pages you want to rank higher.

**Link Build – Point links at the URLs you want to rank higher.

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