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Mastering P.o.P
Get Brand Awareness and Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

Get Brand Awareness and Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

brand awareness partnerships stoner jesus Oct 02, 2021

 Some of you can advertise here!

If your target audience is predominantly male or if you're in the CBD, Cannabis, Lingerie, Adult, Firearms, Alcohol, Dating, Electronics, Jewelry, Kratom, Supplements industries... this could work for you.  

Stoner Jesus has about 150,000+ on social media and gets 20,000+ video/audio streams and downloads a month!

These are his updated ad packages and stats!

Audience is 70% male and 70% in the US

  • Gold Level = $80 per month
  • Silver Level = $50 per month
  • Bronze Level = $15 per month

He also offers deals for multiple-month buys!

This is how my commercial reads. Yes, I wrote it!

Flower Power Packages offers wholesale Marijuana Packaging for dispensaries and growers in every state where cannabis is legally sold. Discover a variety of standard and child-resistant glass jars and bags for all your flower or edible needs.  

You can also browse their large selection of bongs, bubblers, pipes, rolling trays, and get 10% off your first order by simply signing up for their newsletter. If you want to get personal, you can even customize your rolling tray with whatever design of your choosing. Awesome bongs, pipes, and trays make awesome gifts!

So shop Flower Power Packages anytime online whether it's morning, noon, or night. Spend $250 and receive free shipping!

Sponsor the Stoner Jesus Show 

Show Listens on Cannabis Radio - 10,000 (approx.)

Show Listens on iTunes - 1,000 (approx.)

Show Listens on iHeart Radio - 1,500 (approx.)

Show Listens on Youtube - 226

Show Listens on Spreaker - 658

Show Listens on Cannabis Radio Spreaker (live shows and podcasts) - 3,500 (approx.)

Show views on Twitter/Periscope - 3,500