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Alex Whitfield Teaches Us How to Set-Up A Remarketing Campaign

alex whitfield facebook ads

If you missed Shopify 101’s Clubhouse room titled ‘Holiday Promos: What You Should Know About Facebook and Instagram Ads', you missed a lot! Our guest moderator, Hustle Over Everything podcaster, and paid ads strategist Alex Whitfield shared a lot of great FB ad tips. He also offered to create a video showing us how to set up a remarketing campaign using Facebook Business Manager. 


What is remarketing on Facebook?

A remarketing campaign (also known as retargeting is a campaign that targets a defined audience made of previous visitors of your website. They’re targeted because they had not completed a particular action such as a purchase or an inquiry, so the remarketing campaign follows and reminds your website to them. Remarketing campaigns are an effective technique to reach, engage and convert potential customers who have previously visited your site or used your mobile app via display ads.


If you’re a part of Mastering P.o.P's membership, you can listen to the audio of the room here. If you want to learn how to set up a remarketing campaign… join Mastering P.o.P's Facebook group! There are lots of great tips on how to scale your store too.


Once you enter the Facebook group, you’ll need to go to ‘TOPICS’, enable ALL > click on hashtag FacebookAds, and look for Alex’s post-dated Oct 15, 2021 (screenshots below). Mastering PoP’s Facebook group hashtag topic ‘Facebook’ offers over a dozen great tips. A few examples are below.  


If you have any Facebook questions... this is your guy! Ask away! You can find Alex in the Facebook group.


If you have any social paid search questions, ask Alex Oct 29th, 2021 at 7am PST


Lastly, did you know that Alex is giving away 90 Days of FREE TikTok Ads Management? I bet you didn't! ;)








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