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Lifestyle Apparel Brand A Perfect Shirt Ranked Top 10%

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A Perfect Shirt Ranked Top 10%

Meet the Founder

Susanna Anderson is a Mastering P.o.P "Inner Circle" member and the owner of A Perfect Shirt, a black-owned socially conscious, lifestyle brand!


💫Where Dope Statements, Positive Expressions, Culture & Fashion Meet!💫


What is a Perfect Shirt:

Black-owned, Socially Conscious, Lifestyle Brand

When did a Perfect Shirt Join Mastering P.o.P's Inner Circle?

Dec 2021 (6 months ago)

What has owner-operator Susanna Anderson worked on with the help of Mastering P.o.P?

Onsite Optimization

  • Optimized website (SEO)
  • Fixed 404 errors (broken links)
  • Submitted XML sitemap for Google to crawl and re-index
  • Set-up Mandatory Email Flows and many additional flows and more using Klaviyo APP 
  • Installed and manually set up major Conversion Apps that do the following:
    • sends out push notifications 
    • pairs complementary products
    • upsells in the cart
  • Writing and posting optimized blogs

Offsite Optimization

💫Speak your mind, express your truth, articulate your thoughts in A Perfect Shirt!💫


In the Top 10% 

A blog was ranked Top 10% of all recent Shopify Store Blog Posts.  Owner operator Susanna Anderson attributes it to Mastering P.o.P's SEO workflow. 

Are you still wondering what blog was ranked in the Top10% by Shopify?

Check out 8 Empowering Statement Shirts that Celebrate Black History Month. This blog has 34+ keywords driving traffic to Susanna's website. See a couple of keywords below. Susanna has hundreds of keywords driving traffic to her website and with the way she's moving, soon to be thousands. ;)

  1. black statement shirts - PAGE 1

  2. black history month tshirts - PAGE 2

Almost on the first page of Google

Mastering P.o. P wants to congratulate Susanna Anderson for setting big goals and taking action.

Thanks for being a staple in our Inner Circle Zoom coaching calls! 

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