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May 27th 2022 Website Audits with Audit Master Adam Pivko

May 27th 2022 Website Audits with Audit Master Adam Pivko

adam pivko site audit website audit May 27, 2022

The audio recording is from May 27, 2022 Clubhouse room titled "Website Audits (all platforms) with Audit Master Adam Pivko 

If you're not confident that your website is doing all it can to help promote and grow your business, then you should consider having it audited by a professional. A website audit can uncover problems with your site that are preventing it from performing at its best. By finding and correcting these issues, you can improve your site's visibility, traffic, and sales. Having your website audited by a professional is one of the best ways to ensure that it's performing optimally and helping you reach your business goals. 

The audio that you're about to listen to is from May 27, 2022, Clubhouse with guest moderator Adam Pivko.

Remember that honest feedback can sometimes be the best feedback. Please implement Adam's suggestions if it makes sense for you and your business. If you would like your website audited, please follow Shopify 101 club and Tia Jones on the app Clubhouse.

List of Audited Stores below:

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