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If you could scale your store to over 25K per month with the help from a SEO & Digital Marketing Maven with over 17 years experience, would you be interested? Grow your online business with expert coaching and guidance.

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Self-paced independent course lessons loaded with knowledge, tips, and ways to scale your online business.

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Small and Medium groups or private Zoom coaching offerings to inspire and guide you every step of the way.

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Be part of an engaged group of like-minded digital entrepreneurs sharing content and having conversations on demand.

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Affordable SEO & Digital Marketing Program

No More  Micro-Decisions. 

We help online businesses, and digital entrepreneurs on a budget scale their business with optimization and automation.


WAS $299 NOW $149

Inner Circle Onboarding Includes Keyword Research and 25 pre-written title tags and meta descriptions, domain, keyword, and backlink metrics. Let us jump-start your SEO!

  • Verify Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 Resource Available!
  • Website aesthetic feedback

Why choose Mastering P.o.P with Tia Jones?

  • SEO, Email Marketing, Conversion Apps, Partnership Courses and more!
  • 250+ hours of educational video and audio content
  • 34+ vetted marketing resources
  • 12+ technology partners including discounts
  • Community of 5, 6, 7-figure store owners
  • Access to Digital Marketing & SEO coach Tia
  • Mastering P.o.P's New Routine Tracker (3 Month Membership Required)
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Not Ready to join Mastering P.o.P's Inner Circle? 

You can also pay $299 and get keyword research done by Mastering P.o.P (100 keywords max). We will write up to 25 Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for your web pages too! You'll also receive the SEO, Email, Conversion, and Partnership Courses.

Unfortunately, you will not receive access to over 250 hours of educational content. You won't have access to the Community of 5, 6 and 7-figure store owners, Clubhouse audios, Zoom coaching calls, SEO Report and Month over Month keyword report. You will not have access to the Routine Tracker or Mastering P.o.P team.

You will not be held accountable by your peers or Mastering P.o.P.


We're not selling you information, we're selling you transformation!

Be a part of a community with other online business owners doing six figures and up per month. Get your questions answered by the people that are doing it.

The Mastering P.o.P team will not just hold you accountable to work on achieving your business goals, but also get encouragement from the community to help build new and lasting habits. Watch the community achieve its goals in real-time.

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