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Learn How To:

  • Lesson 1: SEO Starts with Researching Keywords
  • Lesson 2: The Three Types of Search Queries
  • Lesson 3: Optimize Your Shopify Product Pages the Right Way
  • Lesson 4: The Secret to Optimizing Your Product Page - OVER-THE-VIDEO
  • Lesson 5: Optimize Your Collection Page - OVER-THE-VIDEO
  • Lesson 6: Target One Primary Keyword Per Page
  • Lesson 7: Google Keyword Planner Filter Feature
  • Lesson 8: How to Create an Account & Log Into Google Keyword Planner
  • Lesson 9: DIY- How to Do Keyword Research -  OVER-THE-VIDEO

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Zifa A.


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Sean N.

National Geographic


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I started with a few years before Tia, and watched a lot of agencies come and go. This was not the case with Tia, and the Mastering P.o.P.

She really knows her stuff! She has been with us a long time and has significantly increased our organic traffic while adhering to best practices."

Lori Z.


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