Small & Medium E-Commerce Store SEO  & Website Audit at Mastering PoP

Small & Medium E-Commerce Store SEO & Website Audit


What is an E-commerce SEO and Website Audit?

An E-commerce Audit is a professional review of an e-commerce store that is completed by experienced e-commerce specialists. These types of audits are designed to cover a number of crucial areas of your store, including SEO, platform analysis, conversion rates, site performance, content, and more.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO (search engine optimization) audit is a “state of the website” report.

What makes Mastering Pop's approach different from most SEO agencies is that our audits are designed to be understood by anyone.

We will show you how your website is performing, which empowers you to make smart and strategic changes to your website to grow your online visibility.

What Does An SEO Audit Reveal?

Get an SEO audit of your website to find out:

  1. Which keywords your website is showing up for in Google searches, and why.
  2. What your top-performing pages are, and why they are doing so well.
  3. How authoritative your website is, and how it stacks up to your competition.
  4. How many people are searching for your company on a monthly basis, and whether it’s trending up or down.
  5. A list of which other sites link to yours (and a plain language explanation about why it matters.)

Every audit comes with:

A written report which is as jargon-free as we can speak the non-technical language.

Walk-through zoom call. On the call, we'll explain what we see in your data … including what it means for your business going forward.

30-minute follow-up call: Ask us anything! Use this time to get your SEO questions answered by an expert.

Need something else? Get in touch for custom SEO or Website audits or content strategy quote.

We are committed to making sure our audits are actionable, which is why we always offer a 30-minute follow-up call. Additional hours of training and coaching are available for $90/hour.

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After you have paid for this service you will then receive an email with a link to my Mastering P.o.P calendar to select a day and time to schedule your consultation with me.