Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation

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Do you have questions about Digital Marketing and your current website? Do you need a digital marketing plan or campaign?

Now, utilizing state-of-the-art video calls, I'm excited to give you a professional opinion about your website!

It’s a busy busy world, and making it in for a “meet and greet” or an in-person Digital Marketing consultation isn’t always possible.

I'm extremely happy to bring my Digital Marketing expertise to you! It’s so easy... a virtual custom consultation in the comfort and convenience of your OWN home.

  • 30 Minute Digital Marketing Consultation - $50
  • 1 Hour Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation - $60
    • 1 Hour Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation Includes ONE 30-day follow up check--incall

Please select either Skype or Zoom to have your virtual consultation with me. I will connect with you virtually to discuss your website based on your industry, location, and business needs. We will discuss Digital Marketing ideas and I will answer any questions you may have about your website and your current marketing strategy.

During the consultation I will go over the following about your website: 
- why you're not currently ranking in Google
- the last time Google visited your site for indexing
- how many pages of your website are currently indexed in Google
- the Top 10 keywords currently bringing visitors to your website
- the number of keywords currently bringing visitors to your website
- the keywords that you should optimize your site for including global volume of each keyword(s) 
- how many domains are linking to your website
- your Page and Domain Authority 
- your top 3 competitors in Google and tons more!

I have 10+ years of digital marketing experience and have helped countless large and small business owners grow their business with a custom digital marketing strategy. Let me help you grow your business or at least get started today!

I will also deliver a step-by-step 1-page word document or PDF marketing plan for 1 Hour Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation $50. Buy a 30 minute or 1-hour virtual consultation today to set up a date and time for your private 1 on 1 virtual consultation with me.

I will get right back to you with available dates and times, exchange Skype/Zoom contact information, and schedule your very own virtual consultation.

Areas of expertise:

- SEO (search engine optimization)
- Lead Generation Strategy
- Link Building
- Online Reputation Management
- Email Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Affiliate Marketing
- Public Relations and much more!

Please provide your website URL, day, and time that you would like to be contacted for your consultation in the box of the shopping cart that says Special Instructions for Seller.