Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation

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Do you have questions about Digital Marketing and your current website? Do you need a digital marketing plan or campaign?

Now, utilizing state-of-the-art video calls, I'm excited to give you a professional opinion about your website!

It’s a busy busy world, and making it in for a “meet and greet” or an in person Digital Marketing consultation isn’t always possible.

I'm extremely happy to bring my Digital Marketing expertise to you! It’s so easy... a virtual custom consultation in the comfort and convenience of your OWN home.

30 Minute Digital Marketing Consultation - $25
1 Hour Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation - $50
Includes 30-day follow up check--in call

Please select either Skype or Zoom to have your virtual consultation with me. I will connect with you virtually to discuss your website based on your industry, location and business needs. We will discuss Digital Marketing ideas and I will answer any questions you may have about your website and your current marketing strategy.

During the consultation I will go over the following about your website: 
- why you're not currently ranking in Google
- the last time Google visited your site for indexing
- how many pages of your website are currently indexed in Google
- the Top 10 keywords currently bringing visitors to your website
- the number of keywords currently bringing visitors to your website
- the keywords that you should optimize your site for including global volume of each keyword(s) 
- how many domains are linking to your website
- your Page and Domain Authority 
- your top 3 competitors in Google and tons more!

I have 10+ years of digital marketing experience and have helped countless large and small business owners grow their business with a custom digital marketing strategy. Let me help you grow your business or at least get started today!

I will also deliver a step-by-step 1 page word document or PDF marketing plan for your website. Buy a 30 minute or 1 hour virtual consultation today to setup a date and time for your private 1 on 1 virtual consultation with me.

I will get right back to you with available dates and times, exchange Skype/Zoom contact information, and schedule your very own virtual consultation.

Areas of expertise:
- Digital Web Presence
- SEO (search engine optimization)
- Lead Generation Strategy
- Link Building
- Online Reputation Management
- Email Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Affiliate Marketing
- Public Relations and much more!

Please provide your Website URL when checking out.