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Peninsula General's CEO Mike Mckinnon Thanks Mastering P.o.P's Tia Jones

Mike McKinnon
CEO of Peninsula General Insurance
"We hired Digital Marketing Expert Tia Jones to help us out of the stone ages. We knew that we needed to get with the times and have an online presence. Since hiring Digital Agency, we've leveraged on page SEO and increased organic traffic by 300% in less than 4 months by revamping our website and adding fresh content and images. We have newsletters and email drips rolling out weekly and a form on desktop and mobile that allows us to provide auto quotes to site visitors in under 5 minutes. We're now getting leads from our website, which has never happened before, even while working with other marketing agencies," says CEO Michael Mckinnon. "These new implementations have reshaped the online presence of PGI."           

Sean Nilsson
Creative Director at National Geographic Visitor Center
Tia Jones secured page 1 Google rankings for 'grand canyon tours' 'grand canyon vacation' 'grand canyon facts' 'grand canyon tourist attractions' and thousands of more keywords. She has proven to significantly increase our organic traffic while adhering to best practices.”

Andres Ramirez

Andres Ramirez
Business Developer at Amazon
Tia Jones helped us understand the fundamentals of marketing and organic traffic. We had little to no experience in SEO, Social Media, and similar marketing campaigns. We worked closely with Tia who helped us understand, develop and establish our marketing propaganda. The service we received has been extremely helpful and Tia has been very supportive during our transition in outsourcing our marketing department.

Mariana Smalls

Mariana Smalls
VP, Marketing Operations & Branding at Freeway Insurance
Tia Jones was responsible from start to finish with our SSL Migration and site launch for multiple insurance brands we represent. From creative to the back end, Tia Jones provided world class SEO experience and talent.

Chioma Osibodu

Chioma Osibodu
Fashion Entrepreneur
So glad I was connected to Tia Jones. She is a genius in SEO optimization and brand awareness... yes!! Popularity doesn’t always mean profitability.. don’t believe everything you see.. work hard on yours and keep excelling. Follow Tia Jones if you want to learn how to Master P.o.P.. 2018 #womenhelpingwomen #letssucceedtogether

 Niagara IMAX Theatre

Niagara IMAX Theatre
The results of Tia Jones' SEO help was almost immediate – Our traffic doubled following optimization. Her expertise and hands-on approach to SEO has proven to be extremely effective for our business.

Demetris Pierson

Demetris Pierson
Master Hairstylist & Educator
I had the pleasure of working with Tia due to winning an Instagram contest for a Starter Website. Tia created a professional, classy website that exceeded my expectations. Tia's input, creativity, expertise, and professionalism is creme de la creme.


Grapes Wasserman
Founder, InkLnk
Tia Jones is a passionate SEO professional who simplifies the jargon and explains what steps need to be taken to get your site ranked to the top of Google. Her investment into InkLnk went above and beyond what I expected, and she has continued to guide our digital marketing strategy through the release of our product. Her enthusiasm is inspiring.


Greg Gilmore
Hairstylist & Educator
Founder, Modern Hairitage Inc.
The experience has been great! Since I have worked with Mastering P.o.P; I have increased my marketing visibility. I have enjoyed the eye for details regarding my newsletter graphics and all of the small details they add.
Thank You