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Affiliate Partner Program Mastering P.o.P
Mastering Pop's Affiliate Partner Program was created to enlighten HR Recruiters, Entrepreneurs, Remote/Telecommuters, Bloggers and individuals of the steps needed to generate revenue while sleeping. Digital Marketing is a high in demand profession. There are 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020, which means the demand is more than supply. 

Digital Marketing experts help businesses gain authority, rank better in Google and attract more traffic. But for business owners/employers, finding an exemplary employee can be very cumbersome. Creating a better job post will lead to better candidates. Employers seeking Digital Experts top complaints have been the difficulty in attracting top talent to perform the necessary duties to get the job done. Neither job hunters nor businesses are doing their best job in communicating how they can help each other succeed.  Now, you can help employers drive results by providing them with a Digital Presence Audit of their website before they hire the WRONG CANDIDATE. 

A Digital Presence Audit evaluates a site's search engine friendliness and visibility to help prioritize Digital efforts (ex. seo, internal & external links, schema, etc). It is the first step to creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results. The purpose of an audit is to identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible. Now YOU can provide employers with a Digital Presence audit that will allow them to create a better Job Listing, hire the right employee, with a plan in place ready for them to execute.   

Who is Tia Jones?
A decision maker with over 10 years+ leading Digital Teams for an array of companies small, large and every size in between. Through her vast and diverse SEO and digital marketing experience Tia has successfully increased the online visibility and sales of clients in all industries. From Tourism, Insurance, Automotive, Fashion, Health, Music, Technology, SaaS and more.

Tia began her digital marketing career in 2006 by reverse engineering search results to understand how to rank websites more prominently within them. A proven innovator of successful marketing strategies geared towards increasing a return on investment, fueled by intelligence, creativity and perseverance.

How Mastering P.o.P's Affiliate Partner Program Works
Affiliates get a set commission for every new referral who has paid for the services offered by Mastering P.o.P. Simply share your affiliate text link (ex. add to email signature or social media) or place a banner on your website/blog and when your referral purchases any of our services, you get a commission!

Mastering P.o.P's commission rate will vary based on the service that is needed by the individual or the employer. Companies are always looking for Digital Marketing Candidates. Whether it's technical SEO, Social Media, Link Building or E-commerce, you can help the company or your referral to get access to a digital marketing action plan.

Our commission rate structure is 15% for a 'SEO Audit' lead and a 15% rate for a 'Guest Speaking' lead. Again, you earn a commission on the services that are purchased by your referral. You will receive your first payment when you reach the $45 dollar minimum. For example, a Digital Presence Audit report service fee is $100 dollars. You earn 15 dollars for each audit report that is purchased by your referral. A total of 3 individual Digital Presence Audit report services equals up to $45 dollars. You will be paid once you reach that $45 dollar minimum. The same applies for the Guest Public Speaking service fee which is $1,500 dollars. Affiliates will be paid $225 dollars for any Guest Speaking services that is booked and paid by the referral. 

We take care of the tracking portion through our third party online network. We track sales, earnings and commissions and give affiliates access to banners and text links. You as the affiliate will also be able to see all of your sales and commissions earned when you register for Mastering P.o.P's Affiliate Partner Program. 

All Affiliates will be paid via PayPal. Make sure to sign up with your email address that you use to receive payments through PayPal.

Be sure to not add any of Mastering P.o.P's products on any 3rd party e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay. 

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