Advanced Email Scaling

Advanced Email Scaling


Need help setting up your Klaviyo email automation? If so, our The No-Fail Get More Repeat Customer Email Templates workflow bundle is exactly what you need. 

If you have an e-commerce store, a minimum of 20% of your revenue should be generated from your email campaigns and flows. If this isn't happening, you're absolutely leaving money on the table.  

Having the right email flow copy has helped us and our clients to generate 40% and more in monthly revenue. According to LeadSpace, nearly 82% of companies rely on email automation. So if you don’t have an automated email flows enabled, you’re missing out.

Email automation does not require much of your time. Once you set it up, they continue to do the job afterward.

We guarantee that the following flows will in fact increase your monthly if your e-commerce store is currently making money.  Yes, Shopify offers an abandon cart automated email, however, having this one flow set-up is not enough. You need to have multiple flows enabled to see the benefit. 

Please stop leaving money on the table. Did we mention that we are Klaviyo Partners? Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses — featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation.

Don't let something so simple stop you from generating more monthly revenue. Every successful e-commerce store online has an email automation set-up.  You've received these tailored flows from Amazon, and many of your favorite online stores. Why wouldn't you have the same for your business?

For only $197, you will receive all of the following email flows delivered to your inbox. 

  1. Welcome, Series:
    1. Welcome email #1
    2. Welcome email #2
    3. Welcome email #3
    4. Welcome email #4
    5. Welcome email #5
  2. Abandoned Cart
    1. Abandoned cart email #1
    2. Abandon Cart series: email #2
  3. Browse Abandonment: email #1
  4. Customer Thank You:
    1. Thank you email #1
    2. Repeat purchase email #2
  5. Customer Winback:
    1. Customer win-back email #1
    2. Customer win-back email #2
  6. Post Purchase Flow with 2 Category & Product Trigger split flows:
    1. Post-purchase email #1
    2. Post-purchase email #2
    3. Post-purchase email #3
    4. Post-purchase email #4
    5. Post-purchase email #5
  7. Cross-Sell
  8. Up-Sell
  9. Holiday/Promotion Email 

Are your emails going to SPAM even with SMTP services Like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Active Campaign, etc? If this is happening to you, don't worry; we're going to send you information on what is causing this and the tools you can use to check your domain.