The Google Lens is Now Available for Your Viewing Pleasure -- Mastering P.o.P

The Google Lens is Now Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

Google has had a busy few months. The newest google image update introduces the Google Lens to Google Images. Expanding from the mobile update of Google Lens, this update promises to have a major effect on image ranking. While positive image relation to content will only help content rating, the new update encourages thoughtful imaging.

The Google Lens is a pictorial informational guide, which shares insights based solely on the image used. With Google Lens, users will now be able to engage with certain portions of the image that they find interesting. Through AI advancements, Google Lens can pick out landmarks and other staples of pictures and provide more information about them. 

This means that the more pictures are submitted through Google Lens, the more informational each picture will become. This advanced learning system has two main features built in that will help creators garner more traffic to their website:
The first is the insight drawn from images. Google will now be able to categorize different aspects of an image, such as buildings, flowers, and transportation.

Thousands of categories will be assessed and can be recognized through this system. Therefore, content and inserting metadata is no longer the only way to categorize search results.

The second is the ability to recognize text within an image. This feature will help identify specific businesses or products, based on the in-image text. This is also a major feat for the recognition system. This is a revolutionary way to identify and learn about what people see when they view content.

New Content Creation Imaging
This new update is undoubtedly interesting and ultimately helpful to content creators. However, much like the AI itself, creators will be forced to learn as they go. This means that there will likely be a trial and error process. The most notable of which is the way people use images in their content.

Stock photos are great. Yet, with Google Lens, if the image is only loosely related to the content, it will hurt the content’s ranking. Therefore, it is best to use original photos (which is nothing new). However, when using stock photos, make sure that the content is visually and easily relatable to the content. Otherwise, it will only harm the quality assessment of the content.

In summation, the Google Lens update is meant to enhance the overall quality of Google Images. While this feature is meant to greatly improve image relatability to content, there might be a learning curve for creators. However, just as with every other Google update, once everyone gets the hang of it, it will soon become normal. After the learning curve, the inclusion of the Google Lens is sure to enable creators to uniquely enhance their content.