Quick Coupon Tip

Quick Coupon Tip

There are several ways that you can approach marketing your products or services with an email coupon. Keep in mind that some of your most valuable customers are your returning customers. These are the shoppers that usually buy in larger quantities by the second, third, or fourth time that they shop from your online store. After multiple purchases, these particular customers often like referring friends and family to a website that they've bought from which offers savings on the items that they sell.

One marketing tactic that you can apply with your new e-commerce website is instead of offering a discount you can create a gift card for a flat amount for the returning customer and make it transferrable for a new customer. Discount and coupon codes can be found not only on your website, but you can submit your own to coupon websites to attract more customers when you are just starting out. I have done the work for you by finding and selecting coupon websites with high-quality external links. My top 10 coupon websites are available in my No-Fail Mastering Ecomm Workflow Bundle.

It is very easy to submit your coupon promo codes for free to top websites. You would simply create an account and follow the instructions. Sometimes you may experience that you are unable to put in the description of your promotion. I have also created an email template with the content if you happen to come across a situation like that which asks the owner of the coupon website to do the setup for you. This is also available in my bundle.

A Coupon Code is often referred to as a promo code. The shopper can enter the code when they are about to purchase their items during checkout so that they can take advantage of their discount. Coupon Codes are usually offered for free for different reasons and from different platforms. A couple of reasons why you may come across a coupon code is if a discount is being offered in an email pop-up when you subscribe to the company newsletter or in your inbox if you did not complete your checkout. If you are the owner of a brand new e-commerce store or the owner of an existing store; I highly recommend that you find an Email Automation tool that you can set up and send a series of emails that offer a coupon code.

I have completely taken the guesswork out of the process for you with The Proven, No-Fail Repeat Customer Email Template that you can copy and paste to use in your own email flows. Be sure that you first sign up for my free e-book The No-Fail Get More Customer System so that you can get started on implementing some new marketing strategies for your online store. 

Mastering P.o.P has created this very simple and easy-to-use email template which provides the content that you can apply to communicate with your customers and generate sales for the business. Try it out today!