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Facebook Engages with Users on a Musical Level by Allowing People to Add Music to Their Profile

Facebook wiped out some of their earliest, but best-known competition, Myspace, early on. However, this new Facebook addition is reminiscent of its formal rivals most memorable feature. After the next Facebook update, the platform will allow users to add music to their profile. This retro revival is part of a trifecta of different musically inclined updates.

Adding Music to a Facebook Profile
Many people have that one song that speaks to them. Now, they can display that song (again) on their social media profile. However, instead of being able to add the entire song, only a clip of the song will be available. Plus, during the clip, pictures of the band and album art will be visible, giving proper credit to the artist.
Users will be able to pin the one song that represents them to the top of their profile page. However, for true music lovers, users will also be able to create a playlist of their favorite songs. This playlist of music clips will be featured in a specific music section on their profile.

Musically-Charged Stories
Facebook Stories hasn’t been the epic tome the social media thought it would be. Therefore, they added a music to help put some pep in the feature’s step. While adding music to the user’s profile is not yet available, people can add music to their stories.

With this feature, users can choose a song and a specific portion of the song they want to play. The music portion of stories can be accessed by selecting the music sticker amidst the other selections.

According to the platform, music-fusing will also be available for regular posts in the newsfeed soon.

Lip Sync Live Expansion
Who doesn’t like a good lip sync? To add a bit of live-feed fun to profiles, both pages and personal, Facebook has released Lip Sync Live. Now, users can choose from a selection of songs and go live with their musical talents. Plus, in true karaoke fashion, the words to the selected song appear on the screen, to prompt a perfect performance.

To close, the resurrection of musically-surged profile pages is certainly an interesting twist for the social media giant. Young Facebook users will have the same vital decision that others had while using Myspace, for the first time. Many older users will undoubtedly continue the harrowing decision as they did with the former platform. After all, choosing a song to represent you is no joke.