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Facebook Ads Just Got a Facelift for Measuring Effectiveness

Facebook and other social networks have revolutionized the way businesses advertise. Facebook Ads have undoubtedly added to the usefulness of the original platform’s cost-effective entrepreneurial edge. However, while the budget for boosted content is minimal for the individual advertiser, the accumulation is massive. According to Adweek, in the second quarter of 2017, Facebook claimed $9.16 Billion from ad revenue.

Yes. Billion.

Therefore, it makes sense that Facebook would want to keep the upward spike flowing. It does this by increasing the effectiveness of the ads. Here are three ways which Facebook plans to do this by the year 2019.

Creative Compass
The newest update is called Creative Compass. Factors such as branding, message clarity, and emotional response will be calculated through the new program. This data will be used to tell the advertiser how likely it is that their target market will act.

Currently, Creative Compass is in beta testing. A select few companies have access to the update. However, the timeframe for this update to be released to the public is 2019.

Facebook PRO
Marketing is the key factor for Facebook Pages for businesses. Having a Facebook business page allows businesses of all sizes to interact with their customers while maintaining personal privacy. Although, it is no secret that all Facebook marketers are not created equal. Right now, only a couple, Facebook-vetted companies are considered Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs).

Yet, with the new updates in their advertising offerings, the company is rolling out a new FMP system, Facebook PRO. This addition will help expand the FMPs, giving the opportunity to other legitimate, but smaller agencies.

Facebook Marketing Consultants
The final program accompanying the Facebook Ads facelift is the introduction of Facebook Marketing Consultants (FMC). This opportunity is currently taking applications, though the competition is steep. Since anyone can apply, people will likely be vying for the position from all over the world. Yet, Facebook is only taking the best and brightest marketers; the agencies who have optimized Facebook ads to the fullest. Throughout the application process, Facebook will look at the agency’s ability to utilize Pixel, ad campaigns, and product catalogs effectively.

In summation, 2019 is expected to be a big and dynamic year for Facebook Ads. Regardless of whether businesses take advantage of one or all the updates, this is huge for entrepreneurs too. These changes have the possibility to change the scope of social media advertising entirely.